Self Compassion – Digital Energy Mandala


Energetically Encoded Mandala for Being Kind to Yourself.



Included Signatures: Self-Compassion.

Includes Four Formats:

  • Large computer screen format
  • Small computer screen format
  • Smart phone screen format
  • PDF format for printing

Use if and/or when you:

  • Obsessively judge and condemn your flaws.
  • Fixate on everything that’s wrong.
  • Don’t like yourself.
  • Blame yourself to the point of being toxic toward yourself.
  • Feel separate and cut off from the world.
  • Feel emotional pain.
  • Feel inadequate.
  • Fail at something important to you.
  • Are impatient with yourself.

This is also a good one to use for therapists working with anyone with low self-esteem.

How To Use Self-Compassion

Employing Both Local and Nonlocal Broadcasting to Take Your SES Experience to the Next Level

The key in getting the most out of this technology is to pick one or two mandalas that you want to work with. Then just try to have at least one or more copies of the mandalas broadcasting to you constantly. And amplify as needed. Using both local and nonlocal broadcasting stations is also good. This just means that for any mandala you work with, if you broadcast it to yourself using both local (i.e., in your immediate environment) and nonlocal broadcasting of the mandala, you should see amplified effects over the long-term.

The local broadcasting station can just be a mandala set as your wallpaper and/or lock screen on your phone, which you carry with you 24/7.

The nonlocal broadcasting station can be an old laptop that you don’t use much anymore. Just pull up as many copies of the mandala as you can. Then pull up a picture of yourself on the same computer. (You can also use anything with your DNA on it, such as a fingernail, toenail or hair follicle placed on near the broadcasting station.) It will now broadcast to you no matter where you are in the world in relation to the computer. (You may want to download the free Caffeine software from Zhorn software, which keeps your computer from falling asleep when you’re not working on it –

Now that you have both types of broadcasting in place, this will be akin to having a true spiritual warrior praying for you constantly that you experience more of whatever that particular mandala is designed to impart. Using this prayer analogy, these particular “prayers” are genuine faith-filled prayers that get answered every time.

And whenever you amplify the technology, it’s like multiplying all these prayer warriors on your behalf. And over time, all those faith-filled prayers build up within your own energy field and build real momentum.

When you use long-term strategies like this with this technology, you’ll see great results every time, no matter how sensitive you are or aren’t. These tools are very subtle, so it doesn’t always make sense to try and use them as short-term, quick fixes. Long-term strategies, like the one I just shared, will give the best results. Consistent long-term use is the key.



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