How To Download Your Subtle Energies
NOTE: You CANNOT download the product files straight to your iPhone or iPad UNLESS you use a downloading app, like Perfect Downloader or MyMedia. To download to your computer, please click the images, buttons, and links on any of the download pages.
Download The Digital Mandala User Manual
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Unlock Arthritis

Back and Spine

Unlock Back and Spine


Unlock Bliss

Business Genius I

Unlock Business Genius I


Unlock Catalyst

Catalyst Bundle

Unlock Catalyst Bundle


Unlock Charisma

Digital Acupuncture

Unlock Digital Acupuncture

Digital Facelift

Unlock Digital Facelift

Earth Pulse

Unlock Earth Pulse


Unlock Empathy

Feel Good Now

Unlock Feel Good Now

Freedom From Depression

Unlock Freedom From Depression

Fountain of Youth

Unlock Fountain of Youth

Full Spectrum Prosperity

Unlock Full Spectrum Prosperity

Get out Of Your Own Way

Unlock Get Out Of Your Own Way

Golden Proportion

Unlock Golden Proportion

Good Favor

Unlock Good Favor

Higher Mind

Unlock Higher Mind

I Am Worthy

Unlock I Am Worthy

Inner Harmony

Unlock Inner Harmony

Inner Beauty

Unlock Inner Beauty


Unlock Inspiration


Unlock Leadership

Mental Clarity

Unlock Mental Clarity


Unlock Mindfulness

Morning Boost

Unlock Morning Boost


Unlock Optimism


Unlock Organizing

Personal Power

Unlock Personal Power

Personal Power Pack

Unlock Personal Power Pack


Unlock Procrastination


Unlock Prosperity

Pure White Light

Unlock Pure White Light

Rapid Anxiety Relief

Unlock Rapid Anxiety Relief

Self Compassion

Unlock Self Compassion


Unlock Shanti

Spiritual Heart

Unlock Spiritual Heart

Spiritual Presence

Unlock Spiritual Presence


Unlock Wonder

Digital Nootropic

Unlock Digital Nootropic

Immune Boost

Unlock Immune Boost

Matcha Green Tea

Unlock Matcha Green Tea