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Highest Quality CBD Oil +
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Digital CBD is a unique technology and program that combines energy medicine with innovative digital media.

Using a proprietary process developed by Subtle Energy Sciences founder Eric W Thompson, Digital CBD broadcasts the amplified energetic signature of CBD through your electronic devices.

You might think of it as a kind of “amplified digital homeopathy,” but it’s far more powerful than traditional homeopathy.

Simply open the Digital CBD digital file (in audio, video or picture file format, whichever format best suits your needs), and these energetically encoded digital files will automatically transmit the energy of CBD oil (along with all the accompanying benefits of real CBD oil) through your phone, tablet, computer or laptop.

Sound impossible? Too good to be true? It isn’t. It’s here.

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We create high-tech art that transforms your electronic devices into powerful tools that energetically support you in fulfilling your goals whether they are related to health, mental performance or spiritual growth.

When a Digital Energy Mandala (pictured to your left) is opened on your smart phone, tablet or computer, it automatically broadcasts the energy signatures we’ve embedded in it through your chosen electronic device.

The resulting energy field in turn is broadcast directly into your own bio-field to energetically support you.

Every Digital Energy Mandala also contains built-in EMF protection to neutralize the harmful effects that comes from the electromagnetic fields produced by your cell phone and electronic devices.

Digital CBD Testimonials

Energy Medicine for the Digital Age.

SES, founded by Eric Thompson, is dedicated to developing subtle energy medicine technology that helps you more easily tap into your highest potential. Our unique forms of digital energy medicine transforms your electronic devices into powerful energetic allies that broadcast the energy you need whenever you want, wherever you are!

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