Awaken the Mind

Energetically encoded meditation technology that catalyzes personal transformation, inner peace and self-actualization.

  • Cultivate a profound flow-state.
  • Activate deeper awareness and intelligence.
  • Increase creativity and feelings of unity and well-being.

“Best program for meditation I have ever used. Takes my mind into bliss and ecstasy, slows down time and I can easily observe surroundings similarly as Eckhart Tolle was talking in his books and lectures. Hands down, this program is best of the best for meditation.”

~ Domas Kucinskas

Release The Past

Let go of self-limiting patterns holding you back.

Transform your electronic devices into energetic allies that help you overcome your self-limiting programing. Using Release The Past, just think of the past event, with the clear intention of releasing it and letting it go, and continue until the charged energy of the event dissipates. Repeat as needed. It's that simple.