Subtle Energy

Quantum Resonance Technology for the Digital Age.

Pineal Awakening

Safely awaken your pineal gland and higher wisdom.

Pineal Awakening is designed to awaken your pineal gland and third eye as well as open the pineal gland to the highest available source of knowledge. Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. They knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal.

Release The Past

Let go of self-limiting patterns holding you back.

Transform your electronic devices into energetic allies that help you overcome your self-limiting programing. Using Release The Past, just think of the past event, with the clear intention of releasing it and letting it go, and continue until the charged energy of the event dissipates. Repeat as needed. It's that simple. 

Subtle Energy Apps

Energetically Encoded Programs.

Subtle Energy Labs

Trusted Testers & Early Adopters.

Subtle Energy Live

Interact Online & Meetup Offline.


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