Scientific Validation for Audio Ormus Effect on the Human Biofield

audio ormus

Scientific Validation for Audio Ormus

The following study involved 20 human subjects, and was intended to determine whether or not Audio Ormus had a balancing effect on the human biofield.
Research about the health benefits of Omus was conducted by Dr. Bhagyashree Nilkanth at the Centre for Biofield Sciences:
  1. 20 human subjects participated in this study.
  2. 10 subjects were part of a placebo group.
  3. 10 subjects were part of the experimental group.
  4. Both groups were randomly assigned.
  5. None of the subjects knew which group they were a part of.
  6. The only information the subjects knew about the study was that it was designed to study the efficacy of “energy medicine music.”
  7. Both groups were individually scanned at the beginning of the study using Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization.
  8. After the scan, each subject played only one of two audio tracks (either a placebo track or an energy medicine track [i.e., Audio Ormus]) on a cell phone for 20 minutes, not knowing which track was being played.
  9. Important Note: When either audio track was played, it was played with absolutely no volume. In other words, participants did not actually hear any sound (regardless of whether they were part of the placebo group playing the placebo track or whether they were part of the experimental group playing the actual energy medicine [i.e., Audio Ormus] track.)
  10. After both groups were exposed to the silent playing of either a placebo track or an energy medicine (i.e., Audio Ormus) track for 20 minutes, they were both scanned once again using Electro-Photonic Imaging/Gas Discharge Visualization.
  11. The collected data were then submitted for statistical analysis.
  12. The “energy medicine music” (i.e., Audio Ormus), even though it was played silently with no volume, produced statistically significant positive effects in terms of balancing the human biofield.


“It can be concluded that energy medicine music [i.e., Audio Ormus] had a positive effect on balancing the human energy field, as well as, on emotional health of the participants.”

Dr. Bhagyashree Nilkanth

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