Do You Need to “Believe” in Subtle Energy for Energy Healing to Work?

There is a common association between the world of energy body healing and those of belief & spirituality. Does one need to “believe” in subtle energy, in order for subtle energetic healing treatments to be successful? Researchers Dr. William Bengston and David Krinsley investigated this relationship to see whether or not belief is an important factor when working with subtle energy-based modalities. 

A carefully controlled experiment, outlined by Dr. Bengston and Krinsley in the peer-reviewed Journal for Scientific Exploration, indicate that belief is not important when working with subtle energy. According to their studies, skeptics can even be successful at providing subtle energy healing. In fact, they required that the volunteers chosen to perform the healing protocols in the experiment actually be skeptics who did not believe that the treatments would be successful. 

For the study, people with no prior training or any belief in the effectiveness of subtle energy-based healing modalities were taught a method for sending healing energy through their hands. They were then asked to direct healing energy towards mice who had been injected with a terminal form of cancer for an hour per day, every day, for one month. There were three different groups of mice within this experiment; mice who were held in cages by the energy workers that directly received subtle energy healing, mice who were not direct recipients of the energy, but were in the room while the healing sessions took place, and mice who were moved offsite to a different location entirely. 

Under normal conditions, mice are known to grow tumors and die within 2-3 weeks of injection. The mice who were being held in the offsite facility saw no remission, and eventually died as expected. However, something miraculous occurred with the mice who received energy healing from previously untrained skeptics. Mice who directly received the healing treatment displayed 70%-100% remission rates. Mice in the room, who were not direct recipients of the energy, still tested at a remission rate between 50% – 85%! This statistic is evidence that there is an active “proximity effect” of subtle energy healing that has the potential to unintentionally bring benefits to those in the surrounding area.

“The tumors developed a “blackened area,” then ulcerated, imploded, and closed, and the mice lived their normal life spans.”

This experiment rules out the possibility for the results of this healing to be labeled as merely a “placebo effect.” For one, the mice did not know that they were the targets of subtle energy body healing. Also, the study specifically selected people who did not believe that the treatment would be effective. Belief was completely ruled out of the equation in this study, yet, the results were still overwhelmingly positive – even for the mice who were merely in proximity to the treatment.

Another take-away from this experiment, is that it demonstrates that anyone can become an energy healer. After only a short period of training, people who did not even believe in what they were doing were actually able to cure a terminal illness. Although this study was conducted on animals in a laboratory setting, what greater implications could this information hold for the world of healing cancer in human cases? Maybe subtle energy could hold a piece of the puzzle in curing one of the most deadly diseases known to our kind.

Life Force, The Scientific Basis, Claude Swanson, Ph.D.

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