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Open. Experience. Transform.

Easily improve your life by opening a simple picture on your computer, phone or tablet.

Quantum Energy Mandalas (aka “apps”) are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into powerful vibrational energy devices, which support you with energetic frequencies to help you fulfill your goals.

Just open the energy-encoded picture file of your choice on the electronic device of your choice (i.e., laptop, computer, phone or tablet), and the energy-encoded picture file will automatically broadcast that specific energetic signature through your electronic device. And there’s no need to actually “look” at the picture in order for it to work. Just set it and forget it. It’s that simple.

Adrenal Boost

Safely address adrenal fatigue and get an extra boost.

Adrenal Boost does exactly what its title suggests. It is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to safely and organically address adrenal fatigue. It's also helpful for any time that you need some extra energy. You can think of it as a kind of energetic adaptogen. Use it during the day. The longer it is open, the more it will help the adrenals. Turn it off it ever begins to feel over-stimulating.

Aura Clearing

Cleanse, clarify, and purify your aura on many levels.

The energy signature of Aura Clearing is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to do one simple thing: clear the aura, on multiple levels, of negative energy. Use Aura Clearing at low amplitude throughout the day, once or more a week. Or amplify it significantly and use it for short meditations. It is possible to over-amplify it, so be respectful of this one. You'll know when it's amplified too much because it will feel uncomfortable due to its purifying nature.

Digital Cannabis

Enjoy the essence of cannabis without the side effects.

Digital Cannabis is sourced from a hybrid strain of medical marijuana. This is a very relaxing and stress melting, non-addictive signature without any of the negative effects of the physical substance. If you're expecting an exact representation of the same cannabis experience you'd have by ingesting the physical substance, you'll be disappointed. That's not the intention with this product, nor is it possible when using energy signatures like this. The energetic signature of cannabis carries the essence of cannabis without the heavier, grosser artifacts that accompany use of the physical substance. It is refined, subtle and represents the spirit of the substance.

Elite Shungite

Many times more powerful than the physical stone.

This is a very powerful signature sourced from high quality, expensive elite shungite. This is a very rare mineral that contains 98% carbon. It is sought in the general world of shungite as gold is sought among the rocks It contains all the benefits of regular shungite, but is much purer, so the benefits are more pronounced.

Headache Relief

Relieve headaches quickly with no harmful side effects.

Headache Relief transforms your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet into powerful headache-relieving energy devices! Headache Relief looks like a simple, attractive picture featuring beautiful digital art, but it's really a powerful form of vibrational technology encoded with energetic pulses designed to safely and effectively dissolve and neutralize your headaches.

Human Assemblage Point

Realign your body's connection to life-force energy.

The teaching of the human assemblage point comes from Don Juan and Carlos Casteneda. It is the central place where the energy field connects with the physical body, and it is directly connected to life force energy. The Assemblage Point is said to be located in the center of the chest at the nipple line, though some teachers place it slightly to the right of center of the chest. It is slightly higher on women than on men. It is made up of a cluster of energy lines that pass through the chest and out of the back. There is generally a tender or sensitive area of skin, 0.5 – 1.0 cms in diameter, where these energy lines enter the chest. It can move out of alignment over time, leading to problems in every area of life.

Pineal Awakening

Safely awaken your pineal gland and higher wisdom.

Pineal Awakening is designed to awaken your pineal gland and third eye as well as open the pineal gland to the highest available source of knowledge. Ancient traditions knew of the pineal and enshrouded its mysteries in their lore. They knew that the pineal plays a role in our spiritual development and communication with spiritual beings. But with an increasingly toxic world, many people do not know of the innate gifts inherent to an open pineal.

Pineal Sleep Support

Energize the pineal gland for better sleep and dreams.

Pineal Sleep Support is designed to energize the pineal gland and thereby encourage melatonin production. Transform your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet into sleep-enhancing devices. Pineal Sleep Support looks like a simple, attractive picture featuring beautiful digital art, but it's really a powerful form of vibrational technology encoded with energetic pulses designed to energize the pineal gland for better sleep and enhanced dreams.

Raise IQ

Easier flow to problem solving and improved focus.

Generally speaking, although our testing of the Raise IQ mandala has generated many reports of various notable short-term benefits, the deepest benefits come with regular daily use over the long-term. In general, it takes time to raise IQ; so consistent daily use is key. The long-term benefits will manifest by an increase in the types of intelligence that are measured by standard Western IQ tests.

Release The Past

Let go of self-limiting patterns holding you back.

Transform your electronic devices into energetic allies that help you overcome your self-limiting programing. Using Release The Past, just think of the past event, with the clear intention of releasing it and letting it go, and continue until the charged energy of the event dissipates. Repeat as needed. It's that simple. 

Strong Coffee

Enjoy the same benefits as a strong cup of coffee.

Strong Cofffee is designed to manifest the precise benefits of strong coffee. Transform your computer, laptop, smart phone or tablet into powerful energy-boosting devices! Strong Coffee looks like a simple, attractive picture featuring beautiful digital art, but it's really a powerful form of vibration encoded with energy pulses designed to reproduce the same benefits as a strong cup of coffee.

Audio Programs

Click play. It's that simple.

Go beyond brainwave entrainment with energetically encoded audios.

Quantum Energy Audios are energetically encoded audios which feature the amplified energetic signatures of various nutritional supplements and/or states of consciousness and thereby empower and unleash your human potential in ways that conventional brainwave and binaural beats entrainment cannot.

Headphones are not required and the energy audios are fully amplifiable. These audios can also be seamlessly integrated with your favorite brain, mind, or meditation audios. And they work well with large groups of people for workshops, live performances, etc.

Audio Rejuvenation

Replenish your primal essence (jing) on demand.

Audio Rejuvenation is designed to transmit the amplified energetic signature of specific Chinese Tonic Herbs which replenish the rejuvenative, anti-aging “jing” essence, so you can super boost your strength, charisma, magnetism, healing power, endurance, reproductive potential and longevity.


Activate your highest potential for ultimate success.

Catalyst is an energetically encoded application which includes five layers of subtle energy signatures that are designed to support you in succeeding in any endeavor, so you can more quickly and consistently resolve what's been holding you back from giving your greatest contribution to the world.

Digital C60

Virtually one of the world's most powerful antioxidants.

The first quantum antioxidant, the vibrational frequency of one of the world's most powerful antioxidants, the Carbon 60 fullerene molecule (C60). This is 172 times more powerful than Vitaminc C Neutralizes free radicals and reduces the risk of many diseases Includes the healing vibration signature of black seed oil

Digital CBD

The amplified healing benefits of high-quality CBD oil.

Digital CBD represents a new form of vibrational technology that extracts the unique informational data field of the highest quality CBD oil available, amplifies its field amplitude, and encodes it into digital media. Simply use Digital CBD in one or more of its multiple formats on your electronic devices, and it will immediately broadcast the amplified energetic signature of CBD oil, with all of its accompanying benefits.

Digital Nootropic

Erase brain fog and effortlessly focus for hours.

Digital Nootropic instantly transforms your electronic devices into futuristic brain enhancing devices. Use these energetically encoded images, audios and video that transmit the amplified energetic signature of some of the finest and highest quality nootropic substances known to humanity that help jump start you out of brain fog, let go of procrastination and boost your energy, and focus and mood, so you can blast through hours of mentally demanding tasks with ease and enthusiasm …all without jitters or burnout.

Earth Pulse

Establish the Earth's frequency throughout your body.

Earth Pulse instantly transforms your electronic devices into high-tech Schumann Resonance transmitters. Use these energetically encoded images, audios and video that broadcast the amplified energetic signature of the Schumann Resonance, so you can dramatically reduce stress, enhance healing, accelerate learning and creativity, protect yourself from harmful EMFs, and feel more grounded.

Golden Proportion

Neutralize EMF effects and balance any environment.

Golden Proportion is designed to help you neutralize the harmful effects of EMFs and bring deeply balancing energy to any immediate environment. Use these energetically encoded images, audios and video that broadcast the amplified energetic signature that accompanies the appearance of the Fibonacci Sequence in nature, so you can dramatically enhance your own biofield's capacity to resist the harmful effects of electromagnetic radiation.

Marine Phytoplankton

Access a scientific breakthrough in quantum-nutrition.

Marine Phytoplankton is a premium blend of two specially cultivated, hand-selected marine phytoplankton strains in a purified concentrated macro and trace mineral solution. The nutrient density of this microalgae provides a wide array of vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids and amino acids; the building blocks of good health. Marine Phytoplankton has been supercharged with scalar energy and crystal healing frequencies. All marine phytoplankton samples used for this energetic signature are certified free of heavy metals or fillers.

Monatomic Gold

For enhanced focus, mood support & conscious health.

The primary energetic signature in this program is derived from 99.9% 24 karat food-grade gold subjected to a unique alchemical process. Monatomic Gold helps with physical and mental energy. It is very calming and balancing, strengthens the blood and heart, reduces infection, and boosts the immune system. It’s great for the skin and hair and has anti-aging properties. Some instances of heightened spiritual awareness and psychic abilities have been reported from consistent use of monatomic gold. The inner alchemical journey begins here.

Pure White Light

For spiritual cleansing, protection & energy elevation.

Pure White Light is designed to fill any environment with the deeply cleansing energy of pure white light. You can use these energetically encoded images and audios that transmit the amplified energetic signature of deeply cleansing energy of pure white light into any environment, so you can further uplift, strengthen and elevate the human energy field of anyone within the surrounding environment.

Virtual Oxygen Therapy

Increase the oxygen flow in your brain and body.

Virtual Oxygen Therapy transmits the amplified energetic wave pattern of oxygen through your phone, tablet, computer or laptop. Use these energetically encoded images, audios and video that transmit the amplified energetic signature of pure oxygen through your electronic devices to support increased oxygen flow in the brain and body, but without having to lug an oxygen tank around everywhere you go or having to repurchase an oxygen supplement every month.


The best, most dynamic programs.

Enjoy energetically encoded programs that are designed for you to use as a complete system.

Subtle Energy Flagships are the expensive and expansive programs containing a unique combination of Subtle Energy Mandalas and Audios, which are only made available to be used as a full system.

You'll see that we have Flagships which are specially designed and tested to safely hack your brain chemistry and quickly boost neurotransmitters at will, or experience the profound stress relief and health benefits of acupuncture without the needles, or even cultivate your multidimensional heart intelligence and coherence.

HeartWave 2.0

Cultivate your multi-dimensional heart intelligence.

HeartWave 2.0 is an energetically encoded digital media program that utilizes quantum energy to develop and communicate with the multi-dimensional heart. When used regularly on a daily and weekly basis, HeartWave 2.0 can significantly reduce stress and improve personal and professional effectiveness through the progressive development of heart-intelligence, heart coherence, intuition and heart-centered social interactions. Designed to energetically enhance heart coherence and positive, heart-centered emotion, HeartWave 2.0 can be used to enhance any heart-centered practice or meditation technique to extend and amplify your results.

Neuro Energetics

Safely hack and transform your brain chemistry.

The Neuro-Energetics Series is a dynamic system of energetically encoded digital media that uses a new resonance technology to quickly and effectively encourage your brain to release stress-reducing, mood-lifting and focus-enhancing neurotransmitters at will. And it works quite effectively with or without the use of headphones. In fact, the Neuro-Energetic Series of vibrationally enhanced digital media contains not only audio but also energetically encoded digital picture and video files that allow you to hack your brain chemistry silently, without the use of sound at all. There's nothing quite like it on the market today.

90 Day Satisfaction Guarantee

Still unsure? Don't decide now. Take all the time you need and try it for a full 90 days. If for any reason you're unsatisfied with your experience any time within 90 days of purchase, simply email us, and we'll refund your money immediately after verifying that you tried using the program.

Disclaimer: These results may not occur for everyone. These products are powered by subtle energy, and some individuals may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and to this product as well) than others. That said, this technology and its results are fully amplifiable using easy-to-follow instructions provided on the product download page. And this amplification capacity means that, if you don't experience your desired results in the beginning, you can easily amplify the energy of this product until you finally achieve the results you desire. And if the amplification still doesn't produce the results you're looking for, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee should you find that this product does not produce your desired results.