What benefits does Subtle Energy Science offer?

Subtle energy science offers a number of unique benefits.

In general, subtle energy science:

  • Offers powerful EMF protection at an uncommonly affordable price.
  • Makes it possible to transform most digital technologies, electronics and electromagnetic devices into powerful and beneficial life force energy devices.
  • Makes advanced subtle energy technology much more compact and easier to use.

​Many current EMF/subtle energy devices incorpate sacred geometry into three-dimensional designs. Such designs can indeed be effective. However, their size and shape may often make them impractical for travel and other types of uses. Someone may also need a large variety of such devices in order to accomplish various outcomes. In addition, their construction can be costly, resulting in an expensive device.

Subtle Energy Science can offer an alternative to these issues by:

  • Being able to digitally capture and amplify the energetic signatures produced by very large 3D sacred geometries and devices.
  • Producing energetic amplitudes, in fairly small packages convenient for travel, similar to much larger structures and devices.
  • Dramatically reducing the cost to produce powerful energetic effects.
  • Being able to combine an unlimited number of energetic signatures into one small device.
  • (NOTE: subtle energy science can also effectively compliment existing large EMF/subtle energy devices by amplifying and augmenting their energies.)

In tandem with specific energetic signatures, subtle energy science can facilitate increased:

  • ​EMF protection
  • Wellbeing
  • Inner harmony
  • Emotional balance
  • Focus
  • Energy
  • Relaxation
  • Productivity

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