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Subtle Energy Sciences offers unique, quantum frequency-based health and wellness solutions in digital format, so you can convert your electronic devices into powerful transformational tools! Explore our collection of quantum digital health and wellness products.

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“This is great information! Keep it coming, my mind is hungry for some Truth. And for me now, subtleties and the search for understanding of such is my focus. Not hard, cold, two dimensional, static societal beliefs. Thanks!”

~ Frank

Quantum-Infused Pyramids

New! Limited Supply! From our friend and quantum inventor David Adelson.

Quantum Infused Pyramids

Experience the Shift Into Abundance

New! Limited Supply! From our friend and quantum inventor David Adelson.

Use the coupon code ERIC295 to Save $600 off your order.

“I felt the shift before they even arrived. It’s like a light, bouncy energy that keeps me hopeful. I feel more comfortable and at ease than ever.”

Julia Martinez

“My meditations have been deeper and ideas flow to me. I’m more open and curious than ever before. Abundance is within my grasp, waiting for me.”

Chris Clark

“If ever I’m feeling frustrated, pressure, or down I spend a few minutes with my Pyramid and my whole mood transforms. It’s like instant relief.”

Susan Jones

Use the coupon code ERIC295 to Save $600 off your order.

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Earth Pulse

Pineal Awakening

Digital CBD

Earth Pulse is my most favourite SES program! It deeply rejuvenates my body and mind. If I use it I have more energy, feel more centered, happier and creative. Earth Pulse seems to directly work with the cells of my body. The effect is immediately for me. My whole being screams: Yes, I love this! When using it in meditation with my awareness on my body, I can feel it filling me with energy and appearing blockages releasing. I experience the upgraded version as smoother and even stronger! Wow! Thank you, Eric.
Paul Ennemoser
Founder, KI-mo: Awakening Qi Gong & Yoga
Earth Pulse is a foundation of my daily energy routine. Common teaching on grounding methods recommend walking barefoot outdoors. Right now, there’s five feet of snow covering my yard, so traditional earthing practices aren’t possible. But Earth Pulse is here for me! In the morning, I play the ultra-strength track next to my food and water and take a moment to breathe deeply and connect through my chakras down into Mother Earth. Earth Pulse makes grounding my energy effortless. I feel peaceful and connected instantly. Thank you for this wonderful product!
Vanessa Hardy
Cora, WY
I have been using SES products for over 5 years. I have some favorites: Pineal Awakening and Awaken the Mind. The meditation rooms are particularly powerful for me. The mandalas support my overall spiritual growth by enabling me to unwind my ego. Lastly, Eric's communications are incredibly helpful. He provides links and insights to other leaders in the evolutionary space including tools that he uses on his journey. I am grateful for SES and its technology.
Michael Barclay
Digital CBD is incredible!! After my swim I took 2-3 tokes of Charlottes Web (CBD) then I put on the Audio CBD for 20 min, then switched down to just a mandala, and after 10 minutes Mild Mandala and left it on for 30 minutes. I coulnd't ask for a better cbd experience. My body is sooooo relaxed, incredible. After I smoked the whole joint i couldn't get this relaxed without first getting dizzy. Thank you
Jamil Haidari
Cora, WY
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ORMUS: The Discovery of White Powder Gold

The word “alchemist” conjures images of a time long past; the earliest chemists, shuffling around in hooded robes, at work in their laboratory during a time before science and spirituality were separate from one another.

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