The Scientific Study of Life Force Energy | Roger Taylor

Sometime in the late 1930’s Austrian doctor and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich discovered an energy he referred to as “orgone energy,” which was much subtler than the four accepted forces of physics, and which he believed to be associated with the formation of life in nature. After his death, other researchers associated this life energy with things like pyramids, non-Hertzian fields, scalar fields, sacred sites, power spots in nature, and the white powder gold made famous by David Hudson. Further research has indicated that when this life energy appears in relation to these kinds of phenomena, it tends to manifest in concentric rings around the source from which it emanates.

British researcher Roger Taylor has developed a method of what he refers to as “quantitative dowsing” to reliably measure the inner ring emanating from such sources. While the mainstream scientific community tends to see dowsing as being subjective in nature, dowsing comes in several forms, not all of which are equal.  In terms of their ability to effectively use the human energy field as a scientific instrument to detect and measure subtle energy, some forms of dowsing are much more adept than others at harnessing the human energy field to detect energy streams too subtle to be registered by purely electromagnetic instruments.

The human energy field comprises an energy spectrum that both includes and transcends the electromagnetic spectrum, which is one of the reasons why it is capable of entering into resonance with virtually any energy gradient in existence. And when the proper form of dowsing is combined with the proper physical instrument (such as a pendulum, rod or bobber), it is possible to harness the resonant capacity of the human energy field to scientifically detect and measure various gradients of subtle energy loosely referred to as life force energy.

Using his unique method of dowsing, Taylor has been able to measure and compare the intensity of a variety of life energy sources under different conditions. And whenever possible, he’s been able to use more accepted scientific methods (such as UV spectroscopy and seedling growth studies) to verify his initial dowsing results. 

Some of Taylor’s discoveries include:

  • The entanglement of photos separated by thousands of miles, such that a dowsable influence could be detected even though the Atlantic ocean separated the cause from the detected effect.
  • The use of the above method to transmit information nonlocally.
  • Both syntropic and entropic forms of life energy, where the former promotes increased order and the latter decreases order.
  • Interesting studies related to ormus or white powder gold.

Taylor believes that the healing of our world may include a crucial role for innovative methods that produce these syntropic, life-ordering gradients of subtle energy.

About Roger Taylor: Roger Taylor has done research in fundamental immunology at NIMR, London. Director of MRC’s Immunobiology Group at Bristol University. Current interests include quantum biology, subtle fields, computerised bioelectrography, ormus. Work on life energy presented at a number of scientific meetings. Four articles published in Syntropy journal (

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“This is great information! Keep it coming, my mind is hungry for some Truth. And for me now, subtleties and the search for understanding of such is my focus. Not hard, cold, two dimensional, static societal beliefs. Thanks!”

~ Frank

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