biophotonic imaging

Analysis of SES Technology Using Biophotonic Imaging

In Subtle Energy News by Eric Thompson

Scientific Validation using the Gas Discharge Visualization Camera

This research was conducted by Lisa Tully, Ph.D., of the Energy Medicine Research 
  1. The Heart-Wave CD was played.
  2. Biofield pictures were captured before and after using the Gas Discharge Visualization camera.
  3. Heart coherence was also captured before and after, using the EmWave.
A human clinical study examined the HeartWave Meditation CD, produced by iAwake Technology, for improving the biofield and heart coherence. Results show that listening to the Heartwave Meditation significantly improves  the area and symmetry of the biofield, organ system function, chakra balance and heart coherence. Furthermore, these effects were observed within minutes.

Before and After GDV images of the human biofield.