Metatron’s Cube

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The precise energetic signature of the three-dimensional Metatron‘s Cube sacred geometrical form. Use this AMPLIFIED GEOMETRY for enhanced meditation, creativity and grounding.


2 reviews for Metatron’s Cube

  1. Antonn Robinson

    Antonn Robinson (verified owner)

    Very good work all! I listen to this with various 3rd eye or Metatron tracks in the background and away I go! Will be ordering many more soon. Please let me know when the special is!

  2. Amir Savadkohi

    Amir Savadkohi (verified owner)

    It is very wonderful. I thank Eric for making it. When I combine this product with a wordless New Age music that shows the atmosphere of the temple, I feel very spiritual. It is a very good feeling, the material look is faded and I feel high

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