Feel Good Now


FEEL GOOD NOW amplifies your sense of emotional wellbeing to feel really, really, really, really good. Great for when you’re feeling down or not at your best. Also good for encouraging and enhancing a positive emotional state, a general feel of “it’s all good” and “everything’s working out for me.”

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FEEL GOOD NOW – Exactly what the title suggests. Amplifies a general sense of emotional wellbeing.

Included Signatures: Wellbeing.

Includes Four Formats:

  • Large computer screen format
  • Small computer screen format
  • Smart phone screen format
  • PDF format for printing

2 reviews for Feel Good Now

  1. Scott Marshall
    5 out of 5

    Feel Good Now for me is something that is very powerful! I soak the energy quickly and feel really amazing/euphoric! Its a great product that everyone should have!

  2. David Bell
    5 out of 5

    When I received this upgraded version of it, I first noticed a dopaminergic surge that reminded me of the exact feeling that I lack at times that makes me reach for cigarettes occasionally. Other than doing just what it says, it may be of great benefit for addictive cravings.
    Also great when combined with Orgone!

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