INFOGRAPHIC: 45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

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Click the image below to enlarge. To download, right-click and select “Save image as.”

45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

In this infographic, we present 45 names for subtle energy definitions derived from cultural, religious, tribal and scientific communities from around the world. 

Viewed online, the infographic may seem too small to read accurately. But if you download it, the actual graphic is much bigger and easier to read. To download, right-click the graphic and select “Save image as.”

45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

Cultural and Religious Traditions

Indigenous Traditions

  •  Akawaio
    • “Akwalu”
  •  Mayan
    • “Itr”
  •  Palau
    • “Kalit”

Subtle Energy Science

  • Barry Hilton
    • “Fluoroplasmic Energy”

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