Scientific Evidence for the Influence of Consciousness and Subtle Energy on Physical Reality: Part 1 – William Tiller Experiments on the Causality of Human Intention

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William Tiller

In this first of an ongoing video series, Eric W Thompson introduces us to the breakthrough research of Dr. William Tiller on the nature of human intention (including its subtle energetic component) and its influence on physical reality. Representing one of the many scientific foundations of a new digital energy medicine, this important research uncovers the apparent existence of two unique scientific anomalies:

  1.  An electronic circuit can be programmed with human intention during profound states of meditation. 
  2. By using this intention-imprinting process, even though we may not know how to create a circuit or device that can automatically accomplish sophisticated tasks (like raising or lowering the pH level of a glass of water within a specific decimal point of accuracy), the universe somehow knows exactly how to accomplish the task, and does so with incredible efficiency.

This and numerous other studies strongly suggest that human intention can and does influence the results of scientific studies. If this is indeed the case, not only will the science textbooks need to be rewritten, but the scientific method itself will require serious overhaul in how it integrates this measurable influence into its methodology.

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