Digital Energy Medicine: Shape Power, Geometry and the Quantum Vacuum

(For more information on what Digital Energy Medicine is, see the video, “What is Digital Energy Medicine?”)

The use of shape, geometry, angle, proportion, quantity and related principles is both practical and powerful in creating digital energy medicine.

In this video series, we will explore the work and discoveries of some of the most important pioneers in the study of how geometry elicits the flow of life enhancing subtle energy.

It is highly recommended that anyone interested in learning more about this work invest time to explore the work of these pioneers more deeply.

Dan Davidson: How Shapes Create Subtle Energy

In 1997, physicist Dan Davidson published a book entitled, Shape Power: A Treatise On How Form Converts Universal Aether into Electromagnetic and Gravitic Forces and Related Discoveries in Gravitational Physics.

While it probably didn’t win the award for the most layman-friendly title, Dan’s book presented years of fascinating research that he and other researchers had conducted.

His research empirically demonstrated the capacity of shape and geometry to produce transformative subtle energy.

Combining this research with his extensive knowledge of spiritual traditions, he independently formed a theory of “shape power” that is strikingly similar to the theories of other subtle energy researchers.

Let’s take a look at Dan A. Davidson’s shape power discoveries.

He theorized that specific shapes create equally specific wave patterns in the aether (his preferred term for the quantum vacuum).

These wave patterns are subtle energies of various bandwidths.

His notion of “shape power” equates geometric patterns with antennas, such that specific geometries are able to enter into resonance with certain subtle energies.

Davidson notes that yogic practice, for example, uses particular shapes and geometries as consciousness focusing tools for activating higher consciousness.

When these two-dimensional geometries are expanded, they become multi-dimensional, vocalized spatial patterns called mantras.

These two and three-dimensional patterns can act as subtle energetic “wave guides.”

An analogy can be drawn by imagining a large ship in the ocean, where the ocean is likened to the aether, or quantum vacuum.

(The aether, by the way, is believed to be a superfluidic particulate medium which permeates all space.)

As the water flows around the shape of the ship, secondary longitudinal/compression waves form around the ship’s unique shape.

The shape of the ship/vessel acts as a wave guide for the wave patterns that form around it.

These wave patterns are analogous to the subtle energy patterns that are formed as a result of the quantum vacuum’s interaction with shape.

“Shape power” can be seen as a means of “biasing” energy flows into a preferred pathway.

Shape power is the capacity of multi-dimensional shapes to manipulate the local space energy of the quantum vacuum.

He found this principle to apply not only to three-dimensional shapes but to two-dimensional shapes, diagrams and patterns as well.

For example, whenever two lines intersect in a pattern drawn on paper, a subtle energetic vortex is created.

The angle at which the lines intersect influences the particular subtle energetic pattern that is created.

His research revealed that shapes and symbols are more than just visual representations of intellectual meanings.

Shapes and symbols are in fact visual and physical manifestations of energetic patterns. As such, Davidson further realized that shapes can be used to generate energetic effects on multiple levels, including the levels of subtle energy, electromagnetism and gravity.

To be continued . . .

Next . . . Part 2 – The Aetheric Physics of Shape Power

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