The Mysterious Powers of Alexander Golod’s Russian Pyramids

The science of subtle energy caused one man to change the course of his life; from a path that contributed to causing death and war, to one devoted to establishing life-giving technologies around the world. Former Ukranian defense contractor, Alexander Golod, is one of the foremost names in modern pyramid energy research. 

Over the course of nearly three decades, Golod has invested millions of dollars to build 17 fiberglass and PVC pyramid structures, based on the proportions of the golden ratio, around the Russian and European countryside. The largest of these pyramids measures 144 feet (44 meters) in height. According to Golod’s research, the taller the pyramid, the more powerful its healing effects.

Golod and his team reported numerous benefits for both humans and environments under the influence of these unique pyramid structures. For example, many people who encounter the pyramids are said to feel an increase in their sense of well being, immunity, and regeneration speed. Strangely enough, the pyramid even seems to weaken viruses, pathogens, cancer cells, toxins, and radioactive materials. Medicine that has been left in the pyramids for prolonged periods of time is said to produce a stronger effect at lower quantities of dosage.

As for the environment, the Russian military’s radar is said to have actually picked up on an energy column emitting from the top of the pyramid structure. This energy has since been credited with patching up holes in the earth’s ozone layer above Russia. Good results are being reported from the ground as well. Seeds that are left to marinate in the good energy of Alexander Golod’s Russian pyramids have increased crop yields from 30-100%!

Higher branches of education in Russia, including the Russian National Academy of Sciences and Medical Sciences and the Institute of Theoretical and Experimental Biophysics are on the record for investigating pyramid power. Organizations have formed to continue and expand on Russian pyramid research, including the International Partnership for Pyramid Research and Canadian-based Pyramid of Life.

You don’t have to go as far as Russia to experience the healing power of pyramids. There are many Russian pyramid research resources online that will teach you how to construct your own. You can also buy pre-made ones that you can assemble at home, or hand-held crystals for easy transport. Bringing pyramids into your space may help to promote peace, wellness, and protection. Maybe, future civilizations will base their architecture on pyramids instead of rectangles, and receive these healing benefits easily in their daily lives.

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