Tesla’s Tower – Part 3: A Subtle Energetic Perspective

“The concept Subtle Energy is often assumed to mean different forms of energy more subtle than conventional physical instruments can detect. In this sense, the concept comes from traditions that accept the human ability to see or feel forces that are not physically measurable.” 

—Bernard O. Williams, Ph.D. 

When inventor Nikola Tesla began designing and building his now famous Wardenclyffe Tower, few if any understood the subtle energetic implications of manmade, 60 Hz alternating current. Even today, the mainstream scientific community does not recognize any force other than those associated with electromagnetism, the strong and weak nuclear forces, and gravity. Only in the 1950’s did French engineers Chaumery and de Belizal discover and identify a specific, harmful subtle energetic force that was later found to be associated with man-made electromagnetic fields. And while a small minority of scientists in the twentieth century published papers demonstrating evidence for the existence of energies subtler than the four forces of physics, these studies generally associated their effects with healers and psi phenomena, not with man-made electromagnetic fields.

In his book, Back to a Future for Mankind: Biogeometry, author and architect Dr. Ibrahim Karim states that all movement of electromagnetic energy creates secondary compression waves in the environment. Such waves are longitudinal, like sound waves, but they are inaudible because they occur in energy gradients much subtler than the known electromagnetic spectrum. In the latter half of the twentieth century, Soviet Russian astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev produced scientific evidence for the existence of these kinds of compression waves, which he referred to as “torsion waves” or “torsion fields”.  Kozyrev found these subtle fields of energy to be naturally associated with all electromagnetic and electrostatic fields, although they themselves were not strictly electromagnetic in nature. The Russian science of torsion physics, which developed throughout the 1990’s, later equated torsion waves with subtle energy.

Dr. Karim’s research confirms that man-made electrical fields and electrosmog produce a unique subtle energy gradient associated with harmful effects in human, animal and plant biology. These kinds of harmful effects are believed to occur with man-made electromagnetic fields, in part, because they disrupt the organic wave communications occurring naturally in the environment. Because the electromagnetic waves of modern technology are already a thousand times more powerful than the various wave communications found in nature, and because the man-made electromagnetic world is continuing to grow exponentially, nature’s wave communication system is being overwhelmed by man-made electromagnetism. Dr. Karim believes that, unless corrected, this will lead to an energetic imbalance in the natural environment with far-reaching consequences.

According to Dr. Karim, the underground electrical cabling that is so prevalent in many areas these days is already causing energetic disturbances in the surrounding natural environment. Take, for example, the popular practice of “Earthing” in which participants walk barefoot on the ground to receive numerous health benefits. This practice is hypothesized to enable free electrons from the Earth’s surface to spread over and into the body, where they can have antioxidant effects. But when this practice is attempted in areas with a preponderance of underground electrical cabling, not only does Earthing fail to produce beneficial health effects, it actually harms the body. 

Now, imagine how this negative energetic effect might have manifested across the Earth had Tesla successfully built his wireless transmission network and thereby introduced massive amounts of high-voltage electrical current—containing this harmful subtle energy gradient—directly into the Earth (with virtually no insulation) all across the planet. There is no doubt that Tesla’s tower would have carried this harmful subtle energy gradient in its transmissions. And as we’ll see later, this toxic energetic effect would have likely been amplified many times due to several other factors as it spread across vast distances through the Earth.

The Dome and the Carrier Wave

Dr. Karim’s research grew out of the work of Leon Chaumery and Andre de Belizal who discovered what they termed “shaped-caused waves,” which were incredibly subtle, micro-vibratory emanations associated with specific shapes. They further discovered a spectrum of 12 energy gradients, each one associated with a unique shape. They found that one of these energies had the capacity to carry information and penetrate all matter, and it appeared in two different forms, one beneficial and the other harmful. Both the beneficial and harmful forms of this carrier wave are produced not only by man-made electromagnetic fields but also by the shape of a dome. In fact, the bigger the dome, the more powerful are the negative effects produced by the harmful version of this subtle energetic carrier wave.

As Dr. Karim’s work has shown, there are ways of neutralizing these harmful effects by modifying the dome shape. Tesla’s dome (or cupola) at the top of his tower, however, was not a modified dome and therefore would have produced a highly amplified form of this harmful subtle energy gradient in his planned wireless transmissions. Dr. Karim’s work defines a dome as being derived from a hemisphere, which is lacking the more harmonious energetic qualities of a complete sphere. As a result, the dome shape produces this harmful subtle energetic carrier wave, and Tesla’s tower likewise would have produced this toxic energy due to the very large unmodified dome/cupola at the top of tower, which would have been used to store and condense the electrical charge produced by coal or waterfall power.

Research conducted by Subtle Energy Sciences has demonstrated an amplifying effect that occurs when subtle energy is interfaced with electromagnetic fields. Essentially, subtle energetic streams are highly amplified as a result of coming into direct contact with electrical currents. Applying this research to Tesla’s tower dome, we can speculate that the dome’s strong emanation of this harmful subtle energetic carrier wave would have been amplified many times as a result of combining with the electromagnetic energy stored in the dome. Furthermore, the longer the electrical energy was stored in the dome, the stronger the harmful subtle energetic carrier wave would have become.

The Tower, The Harmful Carrier Wave and Geopathic Zones

An ancient tradition among many cultures includes the recognition that certain locations negatively affect plant, animal and human health. Today, the term geopathic stress is used in reference to these locations. They are often associated with underground streams, specific types of soil as well as faults in rock structures, and a growing body of scientific evidence substantiates their existence and harmful influence on living things. In every case, geopathic zones emanate the previously mentioned harmful carrier wave and thereby produce a number of serious health issues for humans, animals and the environment.

The published scientific studies on geopathic zones have demonstrated numerous negative influences on human health, including:

  • Changes in body voltage and skin resistance as compared to non-stress zones.
  • Higher probability of human reports of poor well-being.
  • Lower levels of biofield “glow” as measured by a gas-discharge visualization device, in comparison to non-stress zones.
  • Higher onset of asthma in individuals sleeping in geopathic zones as compared to individuals sleeping in non-stress zones.

If Tesla’s tower had been allowed to continually broadcast electrical currents directly through the Earth, it is entirely possible that when such currents inevitably intersected with geopathic zones and other noxious Earth energy grids, at least two powerful and harmful results would have occurred:

  1. The harmful subtle energy gradient contained in the wireless electrical transmission would radically amplify, and be distributed by, these geopathic zones, resulting in a significant magnification of their detrimental health effects on human, animal and plant biology.
  2. The harmful subtle energy gradient contained in the geopathic zones would conversely contribute to an even greater amplitude of that harmful energy in the wireless transmission so that any electrical energy received and utilized by humans would become highly toxic.

Had Tesla’s worldwide wireless transmission network seen the light of day, it is very possible that much of the Earth would have been overwhelmed by a radical intensification of this harmful subtle energy gradient. If this speculation holds any merit, Tesla’s wireless transmission network could have conceivably produced a veritable explosion of human and environmental health emergencies across the planet over time. But this should not reflect badly on Tesla for he could not have been aware of these invisible but very real potential hazards. To emphasize this point, even with the greater amount of research we have today to highlight the negative subtle energetic effects of man-made electromagnetism and geopapthic zones on human health and the environment, the commercial, industrial and corporate communities at large continue to expand the electromagnetic world with little to no attention given to these potential hazards.

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