Scientific Evidence for Mind Over Matter

The scientific evidence for mind over matter healing is immense and long-standing. You may find this to be an incredible statement, but it’s true. Skeptics will dogmatically claim that such-and-such study has been completely debunked. They’ll scoff and often refuse to calmly read and discuss all the available scientific literature on the subject. They’ll go to a great deal of trouble to explain how and why such phenomena could never be true, all the while refusing to take a long, serious look at all the scientific studies. And if there is a published scientific article on the subject that hasn’t been debunked, they’ll use one ad hominem attack after another to try and discredit the journal in which the article appears. 

In truth, there have been more scientific studies conducted on mind-over-matter healing and related psi phenomena than just about any other subject in scientific history. Why? Because no matter how many studies produce statistically significant results, the mainstream scientific community typically finds a reason to discount such results. So scientific researchers often refine such experiments over and over to see if they can continue to produce statistically significant results. And though some such studies have been found to be scientifically lacking, no one has been able to successfully debunk them all.

Mind Matter Interaction ~ References

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The following video takes a look at the decades-long scientific evidence for mental-physical causation:

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