Feedback on Digital CBD


“Had the audio going in the background with my girlfriend last night for about 30 minutes and we were OUT! Strong anxiolytic effects!”

~ Dave B

 – – –
“Just purchased it. Just played the silent video after trying the five minute sample.
“Huge wave of relaxation.
“Recent bereavement. Perfect time to discover and access this wonderful product.
“All my best to you and your team.”
~ Pete Tapner.

 – – –
“I put on the latest audio version of CBD on loop with the mandala up on my desktop before going to bed last night. Within seconds, I felt a soothing warm wash of energy swirling around and through my heart and belly and down my legs. It felt cleansing and grounding and when I opened my eyes, I felt relaxed and ready for bed and fell asleep seconds later. When I woke up this morning, I felt clear, calm and spacious. Thanks, Eric!”
~ Pete Lee

 – – –

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    1. Jayson Shawver


      You can try running the mild version if you are worried about your dogs. I have a 15 year old dog who gets blasted with these energies all the time. He’s healthy and in good shape though. You can also wear headphones and listen to the meditations when they’re around.

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