Dreams are Real: The Scientific Reality of Dream Telepathy

Can dreams predict the future? Can human subjects receive accurate information about the present, past and future while sleeping? Can we enter into resonance with various information streams while dreaming? Can we harness this ability and even communicate with one another while we are apparently unconscious? Can we become lucid during the dreaming state? Well, according to the scientific data we have on the subjects, dream ESP, dream telepathy, lucid dreaming and prophetic dreams are a scientific reality. And the universe they point to is one that is holographic and nonlocal in nature.
Dream ESP
ESP = extrasensory perception (e.g., telepathy, clairvoyance, remote viewing and precognition).
You might be surprised to learn that dream telepathy studies have been conducted since the 1960’s. In some of these studies, dreamers have been verified as nonlocally accessing information unavailable to the five senses. When researchers first began seeing the evidence for such psi phenomena as precognitive dreams, they were not only confused by the results, they were also deeply intrigued and curious to discover more about the potential reality of nonlocal communication during the human sleep cycle. And this eventually gave rise to a now decades-long history of scientifically studying the dream process in relation to  psi phenomena. One such study involved a meta-analysis of 50 years of dream ESP studies stretching from 1966 to 2016. In the study, researchers from Australia, Italy and the UK agreed that, “Dream content can be used to identify target materials correctly and more often than would be suggested by chance.” But how does this process work and why?
In the 1960’s, Monatgue Ullman founded the Maimonides Medical Center’s Dream Research Lab in Brooklyn, NY and later brought in psychology professor Stanley Krippner as the director of the program. By this time, Krippner was already aware of groundbreaking research on REM (rapid eye movement) sleep conducted at the University of Chicago. So, Krippner and his team designed a study in which human subjects would be awakened during REM sleep to see if they could identify a picture that was secretly kept in an envelope in another room. The team was essentially studying a sleep-based form of remote viewing years before the CIA eventually began funding a “psychic spy” research program utilizing what was later popularly referred to as “remote viewing”.
Their first subject was a famous psychic medium by the name of Eileen Garrett. While asleep in the lab, she dreamed of a chariot race in which a team of black horses raced against a team of white horses. When she awoke, they showed her the picture they had secretly stored in an envelope in the room next door: it was a still from the motion picture, Ben Hur. Krippner was delighted with the results, but admitted that one anecdotal study was not enough to prove the existence of the phenomenon or to understand it more deeply.
As a result, more than 200 studies were later conducted and published on the subject, welcoming other scientists to conduct their own studies and thereby duplicate their results. An additional 100+ articles were published on the subject in various journals over the years. But was there any practical purpose in further researching and understanding such a phenomenon as dream telepathy? Well, if you happen to be familiar with government intelligence agencies, you know the answer is a big, “Yes!”
In 1973 the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) awarded a $52,000 grant to the Maimonides Medical Center’s Division of Parapsychology and Psychophysics. In today’s money, that is the equivalent of roughly $200,000. It was the first federal grant for parapsychological research. But why was the federal government pouring so much money into such paranormal research? It appeared that the results of such studies were too compelling to ignore. A senior researcher at the Maimonides Medical Center said that, “Sixty-five percent of all ESP experiences [not occurring in a laboratory or under monitored conditions] take place in dreams.” It appeared to these researchers that the sleep state created an altered state in which a particularly high capacity for ESP was made possible.
Some of the results this team discovered were alarming. One study focused on a hematology research associate by the name of Valicia Parise. On July 20th of that year, she dreamed of an associate reading a newspaper. But this dream was so peculiar that she actually told her lab supervisor to pay attention to this particular dream because she believed it was precognitive in nature. In the dream, she saw a picture of a collapsed building. And two weeks later, her dream was confirmed when the local newspaper featured a picture of the Broadway Central Hotel soon after collapsing in New York City. The picture on the cover, by the way, was identical to the one seen by Valicia in her dream two weeks earlier.

The Secret of NIMH

You might remember an animated feature from 1982 called, “The Secret of NIMH,” adapted from the 1971 book, “Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH” by Robert O’Brien. The book was originally inspired by real rat and mouse experiments conducted by the National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) between the 1940’s and the 1960’s. In both the book and the movie, NIMH develops methods of radically increasing intelligence in rats to the point of them being able to read, write and live extraordinarily long lives. The rat community in this story is led by a wise, mysterious, old, clairvoyant rat. In this story, the most intelligent rats are considered by the rat community to be a kind of mystical priesthood associated with precognition and strange powers. Rumors of actual NIMH experiments on clairvoyant rats have spread both before and after the book and movie were released, though they cannot be substantiated.

The Environmental Influence on Dream ESP

The Maimonides Medical Center paid special attention to their environment when designing these studies, and they found that this environmental focus seemed to improve their results. Then, after reading a paper by research scientist Michael Persinger, the team at Maimonides Medical Center realized how important attention to environmental conditions were. In his paper, Persinger showed that reported cases of significant psychic activity increased by several magnitudes when they occurred during times of geomagnetic calm, when the Earth’s magnetic field activity was very low.

After reading Persinger’s paper, Krippner and his team set out to see whether or not the geomagnetic field influenced dreams. In their resulting paper entitled, “Experimental Dream Telepathy – Clairvoyance and Geomagnetic Activity,” Persinger and Krippner wrote about how on evenings when there were fewer sunspots and electrical storms, the team witnessed more successful dream telepathy results than on evenings when geomagnetic activity was increased. The basic idea they came away with from these experiments was that electrical noise tends to interfere with the brain’s ability to receive telepathic communication. We see a similar concept in quantum computing where electrical noise and heat are radically reduced in order to allow for quantum effects. Maybe, just maybe, this might be a call to think twice about relying so heavily on cell phones or surgically installed neurochips in human brains.
Krippner and his team took the experiments even further by seeing whether or not a human subject could see the experience they would have the next day after the dream experiment. The day after the dream experiment, a nurse rolled some dice, pulled a corresponding box from a store room, and unsealed it. Inside the box was the subject’s intended experience for that day: he was scheduled to watch a slide show about birds. When the subject was asked about his dreams, he revealed that all his dreams were about birds.
The CIA Document on Transcending Space-Time to Resonantly Interface with Nonlocal Streams of Information
When the CIA became aware of the Soviet Union’s extensive research on psychic phenomena, they wanted to get in on some of the action and find out what all the hype was about. Thus, you can find publicly released CIA documents that investigate the use of various techniques to expand consciousness and transcend the space-time dimension.
U.S. Army Lieutenant Colonel Robert M. McDonald wrote a report in 1983 analyzing the Gateway Process, for example, which was developed by famous astral traveler Robert Monroe. In this report we discover that the CIA worked with Monroe to achieve altered states of consciousness viable for entering into resonance with nonlocal, nonphysical streams of information: alternate realities, to be exact. Monroe and his team found that such nonlocal information gathering was possible when sound was manipulated in precise ways so as to create deep hemispheric synchronization, thereby sympathetically and resonantly tuning the brain to enter into resonance with specific nonlocal realities and streams of information. He called this new audio technology “Hemi-Sync”.
According to this report, “Gateway assumes that once the frequency and amplitude of the human brain are rendered coherent, it is possible to begin accelerating both so that the human mind is soon resonating at ever higher vibrational levels. The mind can then bring itself into synchronization with more sophisticated and rarefied energy levels in the universe.” As the Gateway theory goes, once the brain enters into resonance with a particular information stream, it can more easily access that information.
The Gateway Process is just one of many paranormal research activities that the CIA has invested great amounts of money in order to study. And the fact remains that according to the scientific data, paranormal phenomena such as dream telepathy and precognition are very real, organic human technologies inherent to the human psyche. The old saying stands as testament in this regard: life truly is stranger than fiction.

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