Do Your Thoughts & Emotions Influence Your DNA? – Part 2

Part 1 of this article revealed that there are emerging studies examining the relationship between subtle energy and human health. The findings of one study, conducted by Glen Rein, Ph.D.,  demonstrates that when we focus our intention and emotion in a positive way, we can statistically increase our chance of healing. The evidence provided by this Glen Rein DNA experiment also demonstrates that the link between subtle energy and our bodies can likely be found in our DNA.

It was hypothesized that our DNA works as an antennae to receive and interpret the incoming subtle energy surrounding it. Rein conducted more studies to test this idea at the Quantum Biology Research Lab and at IHM. In order to remove any direct interference from the nervous system, human DNA was isolated in an aqueous solution. It was then placed in front of an individual who was holding the intention to change the DNA. 

They then measured the winding and unwinding of the DNA using a UV Spectrophotometer, and compared it to the control sample of DNA, which received no treatment. The value of the control group showed a change rate of about 1.1%,, and the treated sample showed at least a doubled rate, ranging from 2-10%. These results were then confirmed by further testing conducted at IHM.

In the other experiments, conducted with subjects who were not considered to be gifted healers, ECG (electrocardiogram) readings were taken as they generated positive emotional states while focusing on their DNA. Those who were able to attain ECG coherence were actually able to wind or unwind DNA based on their intention. 

In another experiment, DNA was placed in front of someone in a state of ECG coherence, who was asked to focus on their heart, and not the DNA. No changes to the DNA were observed to be made from this account. This implicates that heart coherence alone is not enough to influence the DNA.

The results from these studies reveal that intention alone does have an impact the change rate of our DNA, showing it’s possible to alter your DNA through your thoughts. While heart coherence has been shown to have an electromagnetic effect that can act locally within the body, further testing has demonstrated that intentions from skilled healers can act non-locally as well. 

For example, a man named Lew Childre, was observed in several studies to be able to influence DNA in a targeted way, without even being present. In one of these experiments, Childre was 0.5 miles away from the DNA samples. He was notified via phone when the samples in the lab were placed on a laboratory bench. He sent different intentions to each sample, the results of which were confirmed that he was capable of successfully winding, unwinding, and having no effect on the DNA as intended. 

This indicates that there is a medium by which intention can travel distances in a manner that DNA can still receive, interpret and respond to. It is hypothesized that intentions can be carried via subtle energy to the subject’s DNA. The toroidal shape of the DNA allows it to sense subtle energy in its environment, transduce the signal into electromagnetic energy, and then radiate the intended code to cause intracellular changes surrounding it. 

“Specific thoughts and intentions are generated by the brain/mind and are used to frequency modulate the coherent bio-fields from the heart. When one is in a state of love the coherence is enhanced and the biofields become stronger. This allows for a resonance between the coherent fields of the heart and the coherent fields around the DNA molecule. This process is further enhanced by the presence of subtle or spiritual energies which resonate with the body due to the toroidal nature of the coherent bio-fields.“ – Glen Rein, Ph.D.

Through subtle energy, the original intention held by our mind is capable of manifesting through our DNA. This causes changes at a cellular level, where physical healing becomes evident. Ultimately, our heart-felt intentions are communicated to our bodies to inform our ever-changing DNA what state of health we should be in. This is one of the ways changing your DNA through your thoughts is possible. 



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