Do Your Thoughts & Emotions Influence Your DNA? – Part 1


If subtle energy exists all around us, and is the underlying intelligent, sustaining force of the universe, how does it translate from the quantum level to human biology? Can our thoughts and emotions change our DNA? Numerous healing studies have shown that energy healing received from a practitioner, such as Qigong masters Jixing Li & Dr. Yan Xi, can positively impact even the most challenging health conditions. These accounts illustrate the link between subtle energy and human health.

In order for such radical health shifts to occur, there must be some crucial activity taking place at the cellular level. One study that demonstrates the role of subtle energy in catalyzing such radical shifts, The Effect of Conscious Intention on Human DNA, was published in the Proceeds of the International Forum on New Science by Glen Rein, Ph.D.. The Glen Rein DNA experiment findings suggest there could be a link between our DNA and the quantum field. Rein performed an experiment with the intention to discover what, if any, biological effects of different thoughts, images, and intentions would have on the growth of cultured tumor cells.

Cell samples were placed in front of a healer named Leonard Laskow, and the other was placed near a non-healer who was asked to read a book to minimize his attention on the cells. There were five different intentions that Laskow held during his meditations. Utilizing a technique that allowed him to enter into an focused, coherent state, he describes the intentions for his meditations as follows:

  1. Returning to the natural order and harmony of the cell’s normal rate of growth, i.e., before they were transformed to tumor cells; 
  2. Circulating the microcosmic orbit; 
  3. Letting God’s will flow through his hands, i.e., a transpersonal intention; 
  4. Unconditional love, i.e., no specific direction to the energy was given; 
  5. Dematerialization into the light and/or dematerialization into the void. 

The samples were labeled blindly and brought back to the lab, where they were analyzed after 24 hours to see how the DNA growth would compare. The cultures were then chemically treated with a radioactive substance. Using a scintillation counter, DNA synthesis was measured to count the amount of radioactive thymidine that had been incorporated into the DNA during synthesis. The cultures all yielded different results.

Some of these intentions proved to be more biologically active than others. Three of the intentions inhibited the growth of the tumor cells – the most effective of which was the intention for the cells to return to their natural state, which it did by a full 39%! The meditation on God’s will yielded a 21% inhibition rate. The microcosmic orbit meditation led to a 18% decrease in tumor growth rate.

What is more surprising, is that in further experiments, Laskow would change the image he held in his mind while meditating. In one meditation, he imagined only 3 cells were remaining in the dish. The result came back as an 18% inhibition rate over the control group. Using the same meditation technique, he imagined increased growth of tumor cells, and the results showed a 15% increase in growth rate. 

This study shows us that when we combine our heart-felt, focused intention with an image we are holding in our minds, it affects the outcome of our circumstances on a biological level. It also shows that it can work for us in a positive or negative way. To focus intently on healing, and to hold an image of a desired outcome in your mind statistically can increase one’s chance of healing.

The Heart of the Matter

How can our mental-emotional state effect the formation of our DNA? In the tests described above, a consistent factor in the meditations was that Laskow maintained a state of unconditional love. The HeartMath institute has measured the electromagnetic field of individuals experiencing an uplifted emotional state. The ECG patterns show a greater coherent frequency in individuals who were in a state of love. 

These individuals also were shown to have enhanced immune systems, demonstrating that this level of coherence is again having a positive effect on the health of the body. Further experimental data indicates that our DNA may have a coherent bio-field of its own. It is theorized, that the reason for this, is that our DNA are actually antennae receivers. 

“In this way specific intentions, carried by the coherent bio-field of the heart, can transmit information to local biochemical reactions inside the cell.”
– Glen Rein, Ph.D.

While this evidence strongly suggests that our thoughts and emotions can change our DNA, Rein also clearly talks about the influence of subtle energy on DNA in this study. He refers to DNA as a toroidal antenna capable of receiving and transducing subtle energetic signals.

Could our emotional state – for better or for worse- be conditioning our subtle energetic state and thereby affecting the way our DNA is expressing itself? If emotions and DNA are connected, emotional states, and their concurrent energetic states, could be critical components in the healing equation. Prayers and visualizations, when done from the heart, may actually hold the key to unlocking our healing potential at a genetic level.


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