The Cerebrospinal Fluid and Consciousness

cerebrospinal fluid and consciousness

Consciousness has a body, and that body is basically subtle energy. Subtle energy—life force energy—is attracted to water and vice versa. Water and fluids naturally store, broadcast and amplify subtle energetic charge, which is why water is essential to life. Water is one of the primary carriers of life force energy and consciousness in the Earth, which is why it is so well represented in our physical bodies and the Earth. Blood is essential to human life, and blood plasma is mostly water.

Likewise, the cerebrospinal fluid plays an important role in our spiritual evolution, as it is the medium through which the kundalini energy awakens and travels up through the spine and into the brain. Once it has reached the brain, it is in the third ventricle (also referred to as the “cave of Brahma”), where the kundalini energy resonates and pulses in and through the cerebrospinal fluid that flows there.

Mauro Zappaterra, Director of Regenerative Medicine and Clinical Research, offers his research on the cerebrospinal fluid and the fluid nature of consciousness involving the cave of Brahma.

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