Scientific Evidence for Water’s Capacity to Store Subtle Energetic Charge

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The following presentation is entitled, “Spectrographic Signatures in Water Induced by Radiant Fields from Enclosures of Various Metals.” In it, Dr. James DeMeo offers scientific evidence for water’s capacity to hold an energetic charge that is received when the water is placed in the classic type of orgone accumulators originally designed by Wilhelm Reich.

In a day and age when “water memory” is still touted by mainstream science as “pseudoscience,” this kind of solid scientific research is more important than ever. We live in a world in which water (and numerous fluids made up primarily of water) serves crucial purposes essential to life. And why is that the case? It appears that water is one of Nature’s most essential agencies for mediating the flow of life force energy and information.

Water is Nature’s storage, amplification and broadcast device for promoting fundamental subtle energetic processes in the gross physical world. It seems likely that the more we understand the importance of water and its relationship to subtle energy, the more we’ll understand the nature of life force itself. 

As further evidence of the capacity of water to amplify energetic charge, the “Spangler Effect” video below demonstrates how a simple jar of water can be used to amplify the signal of an electronic automobile key.


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