Can Psychic Charge Linger in a Space?

Time and time again, numerous scientific studies show that subtle energy influences the physical world. However, what happens to subtle energy once a session ends?

Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove’s book P-K Man describes the “linger effect” that scientists at Duke University found while conducting research on psychokinesis in the 1930s and 40s. The experiments asked participants to roll dice while intending to have the number “one” side land face-up. The participants were successful at producing dice rolls with the number one facing upward at a rate significantly  higher than by chance alone.

Something strange happened when the participants were asked to switch their focus on trying to make a different number land upright. A delay effect was observed where they continued to roll the dice with the first number landing upright as often as before. Ultimately, the lab ruled out that this was a psychological phenomenon, concluding it was a physical effect caused by the build up of psychic energy.

Dr. Y. F. Chang also investigated the mind’s power to affect the outcome of chemical reactions. In the experiment, they chose to use a chemical process called the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction. This combines two chemicals, which results in a pattern of colored bands. As the reaction continues, the patterns complexify in shape, ultimately responding to entropy. Dr. Chang brought in Qigong masters to see if they could apply subtle energy, in the form qi, to influence or alter this reaction.

Not only did the qigong masters succeed in altering this chemical reaction, these anomalies persisted for hours after the healing energy had been applied to the area, even after the healers left.

“When the test subjects leave the laboratory after a strong effect has been induced - sometimes strong enough to stop the oscillation - the anomalous reaction continues to affect the chemical oscillation. This fact implies that the field exists still in the space independent of the test subject once it has been created.”

Additionally, the beakers from the test were moved to another laboratory space, and they returned to their original oscillation rate. However, if the same beakers were returned to the lab where the Qigong energy was applied, they would once again begin the abnormal oscillations. This indicates that the qi life force energy was stored in the laboratory space, and not within the beaker itself.

A third case comes from Graham and Anita Watkins who experimented with psychic healing on mice. The mice in their study were anesthetized using chloroform, and placed on opposite sides of a platform.  A subtle energy practitioner was then asked to revive the one on the right-hand side. The healer was successful in reviving the mice receiving the energy at a quicker rate than the control mice. As the study went on, the results diminished when the healer was asked to switch and begin directing healing energy towards mice on the left-hand side of the platform.

“The main finding was that, in order for the test to succeed, they could not ask the subjects to alternately arouse the left-hand or right-hand mouse by focusing back and forth between the corresponding sides of the platform. It would only work if the subject focused only on one side of the platform throughout the session. The findings indicated to them that their subjects were not merely arousing the target mice but were setting up some sort of PK [psychokinetic] field, which was affecting the specific side of the platform they were using for the trials. The experimenters later found that if they placed a pair of mice on the platform area after the subject had left the room, the mouse placed on the side that had been used as a target would still arouse quicker than the control animal. The linger effect usually lasted for about twenty minutes.” 

( A similar effect regarding the build up of subtle energetic charge is discussed in our article, Do You Need to “Believe” in Subtle Energy for Energy Healing to Work?)

What does this say about the nature of subtle energy? It seems that in addition to affecting the intended targets, it also affects the space surrounding the target. In addition, there appears to be a relationship between subtle energy and space itself, making new innovations in communication and memory storage possible. 

“Life Force: The Scientific Basis” by Claude Swanson, PhD
“P-K Manby Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove

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