Why Mainstream Science Doesn’t Like Psi Research

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psi research

Did you know that some of the most replicated and substantiated scientific studies in history have been in the field of psi research? How could this be? When it comes to science, efficiency is important, particularly when it comes to funding scientific studies. So when scientists do successfully prove a hypothesis in a research study, they tend to replicate the findings just enough to show that the hypothesis is correct and can be relied upon. Afterwards, they tend to find ways to begin making money from the finding.

Psi research, on the other hand, often operates under a paradigm that conventional science finds difficult to accept. So even when psi researchers successfully replicate findings in favor of the existence of psi phenomena, mainstream science either ignores it, refuses to publish it, or otherwise insists on further replications of such studies. As a result, psi phenomena are among the most repeatedly scientifically verified phenomena in science history.

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