What audio file track should I start with?

Most of our audio programs come with two audio tracks:

  1. Track 1  = 20 minutes in length
  2. Track 2 = 60 minutes in length

​Both tracks contain the same energetic signatures. The shorter track is for shorter meditation sessions. It is also great for repeating indefinitely as well as amplifying the energy using amplification methods found elsewhere in this document.

The 60 minute track is great for hour-long meditations.

Feel free to begin with either track. As mentioned elsewhere, the key with most of our programs is long-term potentiation. In other words, the more time you spend with these energy tools (in some cases many hours a day or all day or all night long), the more you will benefit. The more the energy saturates your biofield, the more you’ll be empowered by these energetic signatures.

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