Scientific Evidence for Stopping Cancer from 3,000 Miles Away

Is remote healing more than just wishful thinking? If we think back to only a few decades ago, remote technology was an impossible daydream. Then it became a reality, a cutting edge technology. Now we live in an age where it is common to access a field of the world’s knowledge from a wireless device nearly anywhere, thanks to Wifi. The field of health and wellness may be next to undergo a revolution where you can receive powerful treatment from anywhere in the world.

The discovery of microwaves, radio waves and those found in-between, revolutionized the way we experience life. If there is a frequency that allows technological devices to connect and transmit energy between one another, could there be another conduit for a wireless transmission of energy that connects human beings together? There are many reported cases of psychic communication and remote viewing across many miles of space, and now there is amazing, solid documented evidence for a radical form of remote healing.

Master Jixing Li began practicing martial arts and qigong at the age of 8. In addition to running a clinic in Tokyo, where he provides qigong healing and anti-aging treatments, he has also been the subject of several US-based university studies, including Arizona State University, Duke University, State University of New York, and perhaps most famously, the experiments he performed with Dr. John Neely, Ph.D., of Penn State. 

In the first experiment, which took place from December 2nd – 20th, 2006 in the laboratory of the Penn State Children’s Hospital, two different cultures of chemotherapy-resistant cancer cells were cultivated, and placed in separate rooms in the same building. Meanwhile, Master Li began treating only one of the culture plates remotely with his subtle energy-based method from his location in California. 

According to the report, Li has never been to the Penn State campus and did not know the exact location of the laboratory. The results of this powerful intention experiment are astonishing. All of the cells in the dish Li was focusing on during intentional energy healing died! Also, there were abnormalities in the cells of other dishes. Somehow, they had developed multiple nuclei within them – something that scientists still cannot explain.

In 2007, they decided to try the experiment again, this time with 3 vials of leukemia cells. Using his same method, Li was able to again remotely kill the cells in the intended vial. However, this time they added a new element to the experiment. Li used different energy on the remaining vials, and was able to successfully mutate, multiply and enhance the vitality the cells in the remaining vials! 

The implications of this study are profound. For one, it demonstrates that even our most difficult to treat conditions may find their cure not from a pill, or hospital, but from subtle energy. It also indicates that humans have a capacity for healing powers not yet dreamed of by our modern medical world. By nature, Master Jixing Li has demonstrated an ability to kill, mutate, and multiply cells through his method of remotely harnessing life force energy through his intention.
Healing demonstration by Master Li.

Li’s foundation, The Universal Energy Foundation, is dedicating to sharing his knowledge and helping more scientists and practitioners understand how to use qigong and other subtle energy modalities to help heal people and the environment. Through these methods, he is helping to restore youth, vitality, and health through energy healing alone. 


“Energy Psychology Treatments Over a Distance: The Curious Phenomenon of “Surrogate Tapping”” by David Feinstein, Ashland, Oregon

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