Remote Viewing Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster Device

The term “remote viewing” refers, in general, to the human ability to psychically perceive information regarding remote targets in space and time. Specifically, it refers to a CIA-funded program intended to collect such information for military intelligence. 

Years after the CIA remote viewing program officially “ended,” several experts involved in this program have since taught their remote viewing ability methods to many people, some of whom have emerged over the years as some of the most skilled and accurate remote viewers on the planet. One of those emerging remote viewers is Edward Riordan, who has published many of his remote viewing session online on YouTube and his blog.

In one of his sessions, he blind-remote-viewed Wilhelm Reich’s Cloudbuster, a device that claimed to harness to cosmic orgone energy in such a way as to manipulate the weather.

(By the way, the term “blind” here refers to how remote viewers are often tasked remote viewing targets. When such targets are tasked “blindly,” the remote viewer has no idea what is being remote viewed beforehand. They are simply given an alpha-numerical code related to the intended target, and all their remote viewing data comes by way of focusing on the alpha-numerical code.) 

Edward’s task in the situation was to describe the Wilhelm Reich Cloudbuster device and its technology.

His results were interesting. He described an experimental “power plant” technology that accumulates and builds energy–energy that flashes, glows and spins–inside a metallic structure. And he believed the disclosure of this new energy source to be a huge step forward for humanity. 

You can see his results for yourself in the video below.

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