Is There a Relationship Between Light and Subtle Energy?

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Light is a known carrier of subtle energy. Particularly sunlight and moonlight, as observed in the experiments of Karl von Reichenbach. To see if this applied to electrical light as well, subtle energy researcher, Dr. William Tiller designed an experiment to see if energy could be visibly detected surrounding electron emissions. He created a box that gave off a low-level electron discharge using a DC voltage running across two metal plates. 

The energy produced was not visible in photographs, but had a subjective appearance when witnessed by energy sensitive individuals. Tiller invited children (who tend to have greater energy sensitivity than adults) to observe the device. They  were given at least a half hour in a dark room to allow their eyes to “dark adapt”. 

This method of visual adaptation was discovered through Reichenbach’s experiments as an effective way to increase the visibility of subtle energy for those who are capable of perceiving it. When their eyes adjusted to the environment, many of the children described straight lines of light between the plates, others described the light appearing in patterns. Some could not see any energy at all. 

When Tiller raised the voltage on the device, those who could see the energy reported that the patterns changed. The children were not told that the voltage was being changed, but reported a visible change nonetheless. Additionally, the same pattern was seen at the same voltage by the same subject indicating a level of causality. Tiller concluded that what the children were witnessing was subtle energy surrounding the electron emissions. 

Does this “new” form light follow the same laws as physical light? To find out, Tiller asked the children to observe the device through a prism. Traditionally, light will bend at a certain angle when passed through a prism.  As expected, the children each reported seeing a beam of light bending at that angle. However, additional light beams were also reported moving at impossible angles through the prism, which seemed possible only if they were traveling faster than the speed of light

“Most young children perceive both EM and subtle energies. Lens and prism experiments indicate that the latter travel at velocities greater than the EM light velocity (v>c), and speed up on entering denser matter.”

Phillip W. Warren

This may reveal why subtle energy is easier to sense once the viewer’s eyes have adapted to darkness. The eye is designed to allow light to bend in a specific way to be able to see a focused and clear image. When it is too dark to see anything to focus on, the eye is able to relax, and this may be why subtle energy looks blurry to those who are able to see it. 

Additionally, the study indicates that subtle energy operates outside the laws of physics as we understand them, since nothing is currently known to move faster than the speed of light. Tiller theorizes that subtle energetic light may even function in an opposite way to normal light, which is why it is so difficult to photograph. Cameras may need to be developed that would perhaps have a concave lens in order to capture this elusive energy on film.


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