Is Experiencing the Subtle Energetic “Signature” of a Particular Substance the Same as Actually Ingesting the Physical Substance?

Yes and no. The energetic signature of a substance is its quintessence, its purest distillation. So, devoid of its extraneous physical components, the experience of it is far more refined and understated, but no less powerful in its ability to affect long-term transformations in consciousness. In fact, in many ways this subtle energetic signature is far more capable than the physical substance to effect positive change, especially when it is amplified, because it resonates more powerfully with the subtle and causal energies associated with human life and consciousness.

You might think of the energetic signatures produced by Subtle Energy Sciences as flower essences amplified millions and even billions of times.

The key is long-term potentiation: The longer one is immersed in these amplified fields of subtle influence, the more they initiate and facilitate positive change over time.

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