I’d like to believe they are working, but one question always comes up for me when using your product: how can something (such as “subtle energy”) be captured when it cannot be measured?

In the early years of science, the scientific community knew that electromagnetism existed, but at the time it was not possible to measure electricity. Nonetheless, they knew it existed because, while they couldn’t measure it directly, they could measure its EFFECTS on various objects, including human biology. The same is true with subtle energy.

While subtle energy is, by definition, too subtle to be directly detected by conventional electromagnetic instruments, many hundreds, if not thousands, of experiments since the 19th century have demonstrated its existed by virtue of its effects on other things.

Karl von Reichenbach, the inventor of creosote and paraffin, was the first Western scientist to discover that very sensitive people could see subtle energy (which he called “od” or “odic force”) emanating from the termination points of crystals as well as the poles of magnets in pitch dark surroundings (without having any knowledge of what was in the environment). (von Reichenbach made sure that none of these sensitive individuals communicated with one another or were even aware of one another.)

Numerous scientific researchers since that time have collected vast amounts of scientific data showing that various subtle energetic forces, which lie outside the four known forces of physics, demonstrably influence physical matter, plants and human biology.

I highly recommend that you spend some time looking at the work of the following researchers:
Nikolai Kozyrev, Claude Swanson (MIT/Princeton trained physicist who wrote the book “Life Force, The Scientific Evidence: The New Science of the Paranormal”), William Tiller (Professor Emeritus of the Stanford Physics Department), Wilhelm Reich, Massimo Citro (author of “The Basic Code of the Universe: The Science of the Invisible”), Dean Radin, James Oschman, Ibrahim Karim, Harold Burr, Konstantin Korotkov and Rupert Sheldrake.

Here are some additional links you may find useful:
https://subtle.energy/scientific-studies/ (Scientific validation of SES products)
http://journals.sfu.ca/seemj/index.php/seemj/issue/archive (Journal archive of the International Society for the Study of subtle Energies and Energy Medicine)
https://fmbr.org/the-new-physics/ (The New Physics: Subtle Energy, Subtle Force)
https://www.chakra-anatomy.com/consciousness.html (In Search of Evidence of Nonlocal Aspects of Consciousness)

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