Everything You Perceive is Digital

Quantum physics states that physical reality, on the smallest level, is made up of discrete packets of energy. And one of the largest puzzles in physics is the question of how discrete quantum reality manifests as a smooth, continuous reality. 

New theoretical physics models have begun to incorporate computational theories as well as quantum computing principles into their models of reality.

One of the results of these various models is to liken our universe to a computer simulation. While physical reality may not be an actual computer simulation, there are numerous aspects of a new emerging physics model which suggest that our physical universe may be like a computer simulation on a number of levels.

For example, as mentioned already, our best models in quantum physics view quantum reality as being comprised of discrete packets of energy, much like digital computer monitors project holistic images made up of tiny pixels arranged in such a way as to appear continuous, smooth and whole. In other words, in a very real sense, the quantum reality of our physical universe is basically digital and filled with digital physics. In this compelling presentation, Anthony Peake introduces the exciting new model of digital physics.

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