BioGeometry: Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s Physics of Quality

When we think of the uses of free energy, we may think first of devices used to power our electric technology. However, there is a vast field of cosmic energy not limited to that which powers our human creations. Human beings and all living things require this form of energy as well. Science is beginning to understand there is something beyond our body’s chemical metabolism that plays a critical role in our health and well being. 

The work of Dr. Ibrahim Karim deals directly with this form of subtle energy, through work he calls BioGeometry. Dr. Karim points out that it may not be enough to simply have energy, the quality of energy one receives is of equal importance. Just as we consider the important impact that the quality of the air we breathe has on our well being; so should we be paying attention to the quality of the subtle energy surrounding us. 


Let’s face it, we live in an age that is flooded with environmental toxins, EMFs, ELFs, microwaves, and all sorts of pollutants that the body is not accustomed to dealing with. In order to give ourselves the best chance at thriving, it is important that we look at the quality of energy in the environment we find ourselves in. The basic premise of Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s BioGeometry works with a blend of radiesthesia, shape power, color, sound and motion, to harmonize the environment and bring balance to biological energetic systems.

This knowledge has been at play since ancient times. Have you ever visited a grand cathedral, pyramid, or other ancient monuments? You may have intuitively felt the uplifting presence of concentrated subtle energy. There are other naturally occurring sites such as Mt. Shasta, Kailash, Uluru, and others, that are known to be power points, and energy vortexes along the earth’s ley line grid. These sites have been long revered as holy places by the native people of the land.  


Another example, the art of Feng Shui: the placing of objects properly in a home or office to encourage health and success, has been a popular Chinese practice for centuries. While not everyone is fortunate enough to live near places of great, energetic power, or have access to a feng shui expert, there is good news. With modern advances, we are able to generate these signatures and make them accessible from anywhere.

Now, attention to our subtle energetic landscape is re-emerging into the scientific Western consciousness as well. By looking into the past, Dr. Karim combined principles from French Radiesthesia, Pythagorean harmonics, Egyptian temples, and other sacred architectural science, to form a new science he calls “Physics of Quality.” Dr. Karim’s research provides further insight into how to work with the realities of subtle energy in the modern environment, and shows promise in supporting the general vitality of all life.


Dr. Ibrahim Karim’s BioGeometry has proven effective to support individual organs in the body and help alleviate certain conditions. It has also been found to increase the vital properties of water. Amazingly, it also works when Dr. Karim assesses a room to see if any corners or edges are disturbing the energy. He is then able to correct the energy by adding in different types of geometrics patterns to the space. The results have been miraculous for some.

The applications extend beyond human health. For example, Dr. Karim reports that through his methods, farmers are able to raise chickens without the need for antibiotics. They also report the quality of milk from their cows as being purer. Subtle energy is regenerative to the environment, and supports natural balance within ecosystems. We may also see this form of energy play an important role as we repair the damage to the earth caused by careless business practices. 

Dr. Karim’s BioGeometry is yet another case of science validating and working with subtle energy to improve the lives of all living beings. If you are on a quest for the improvement of the quality of health and wellness in your life but feel like you’ve tried everything, subtle energy might be the missing link. Maybe we can’t truly know our full potential without the integration of this knowledge into our daily lives.


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