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"The superconscious mind is our attractor, the source of syntropy, the energy of life, which guides us towards wellbeing and happiness. The superconscious mind provides us with a mission, a purpose, and uses intuitions, insights, dreams and visions. It provides intelligence, knowledge and answers to problems. It leads towards more intelligent and perfect designs, which are the outcome of the contribution of all the individuals who share the same attractor."

The Syntropic Definition of Life Energy

The syntropic definition of Life Energy can be translated in the following testable hypothesis: “Since life feeds on syntropy, and syntropy flows backward in time, the parameters of the autonomic nervous system that support the vital functions must react in advance to future stimuli.” 

From Ulisse Di Corpo

The energy mass relation that we all associate with Einstein had been published by Oliver Heaviside in 1890, by Henri Poincaré in 1900 and by Olinto de Pretto in 1903. However, the momentum, which is a fundamental part of energy, was missing.

In 1905 Einstein added the momentum in his energy-momentum-mass equation. But there is a problem, energy is squared and we must use a square root. Two solutions are obtained: positive time energy that diverges forward in time and negative time energy that diverges backwards in time.

Negative time energy was considered impossible because it implies retrocausality. Einstein decided to eliminate the momentum since the speed of physical bodies is practically zero when compared to the speed of light. In this way we return to the famous energy-mass relation which always has only one positive time solution.

In 1924 the spin of the electrons that is close to the speed of light was discovered. In quantum mechanics the uncomfortable energy-momentum-mass relation must be used with its dual solution. We have a world that cannot be explained in a classical way.

The mathematician Luigi Fantappiè discovered that the positive time solution is governed by the law of entropy, that is the tendency of energy to dissipate and go towards thermal death, while the negative time solution is governed by a symmetrical law that goes towards the concentration of energy, the increase in differentiation and complexity.

Fantappiè named this law syntropy and realized that retrocausality describes the mysterious properties of life. He formulated the hypothesis that the physical world is caused by the past and is governed by entropy, while life is caused by the future and is governed by syntropy.

Antonella Vannini arguing that life feeds on syntropy has carried out a series of experiments. If we measure the parameters of the neurovegetative system that sustains the vital processes, we see that the heart rate and the skin conductance react in advance to future stimuli.

In other words, we perceive the past, through our 5 senses and we feel the future through our neurovegetative system. We must constantly choose whether to follow the past or whether to follow the future.

Syntropy is energy that converges and is therefore felt in the thoracic area as feelings of warmth and well-being. We therefore have a compass. When we go towards syntropy we feel warmth and well-being in the thoracic area, but when we move away, we feel emptiness and pain.

To achieve wellbeing, we must move towards syntropy and decrease entropy, but syntropy comes from the future and is invisible to us, we can only feel it. The implications of this theory are immense both on a psychological and social level, as well as on the economic and environmental level.

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