Albert Abrams & Radionics Technology

Born in the wake of the San Fransisco gold rush era, in December of 1863, Dr. Albert Abrams was an heir to the large fortune of a popular merchant. Albert made use of his fortune to further his education, and serve the world through medicine. He earned his M.D. in Germany with First Class Honours and the gold medal of his University. Once he returned to California, his education opened the door for him to become the Professor of Pathology at Cooper Medical College, and later, Director of Medical Studies at Stanford University.

Postcard of City Hall in 1900 by Goeggel and Weidner Publishers (Image: Public domain/ Wikimedia Commons)

Abrams liked to experiment, expanding on the current science of the day into new territory. Inspired by the then-recently established Electron Theory of Matter, he decided to look beyond the cell, into the atomic realm of the patient’s body. This journey began when a pioneered a method to diagnose illnesses by tapping on the body. Through this, he discovered that different diseases caused the body’s tissue to vibrate at a different frequency. This gave rise to a theory that if disease resonated at a certain frequency, it could be canceled out, or eliminated by an opposing frequency.

This realization led to his first subtle energy invention, the Reflexophone. Utilizing this new tool, Abrams was able to not only measure these frequencies but then pulse the patient with an opposing frequency to provide a cure for their symptoms. Through tests on various tissues samples, he was able to determine that every drop of blood and hair broadcast the disease that was present in the individual. Therefore his next invention, the Oscilloclast, was even more advanced as it provided the capability for “remote” diagnoses through a small sample of the patient’s blood or hair.

His inventions saw a surge in acceptance after Abrams proved the effectiveness of his machines in successful demonstrations performed in front of large groups of his medical peers and students. In 1916, he launched his new system of medicine, based on what he called the Electronic Reactions of Abrams or ERA, along with his book, New Concepts in Diagnosis and Treatment. At the height of its popularity, more than 3,000 doctors were utilizing Oscilloclasts in their practice.

One of the greatest things about this new technology is that they were able to detect serious illnesses, such as cancer, while it was still in its earliest and most treatable phase. Another asset included the technology’s ability to transfer the beneficial energetic signature of a medicine to the patient, without the need for the patient to ingest the chemical itself. 

For example, through his technology, he would transfer the signature of Quinine to patients suffering from malaria and achieve surprising healing results. This even more subtle form of energetic homeopathy spared the patient from any potentially toxic side effects from having to process the drug internally. The conclusion of these tests being, that energy radiating from the electrons of the medicine was enough to cancel the harmful effects of the electrons present in the disease.   

Although Abram’s methods proved to have repeated successful results over the course of thousands of cases, both personally, and throughout the medical field of the day, opposition arose to discredit him. His name and his work were slandered. As with many medical technologies that work “too well”, despite all of the benefit brought to so many, his machines fell into disuse as a result.

“Neither fury of tongue, nor truculence of pen can discredit my observations, which are capable of analysis and demonstration.” – Albert Abrams

Dr. Abram’s work saw a revival in the 1950s when it was discovered by Dr. Ruth Drown who rebranded it from the name “ERA” to “radionics.” Companies were founded that discovered a new application for the technology; agriculture. Utilizing radionics, they were successfully able to address pest problems without the application of pesticides to the crops. Farmers were pleased with the results!

Today, some still work with this technology, and many are inspired by the work started by Dr. Abrams over a century ago. Who knows how far this technology would have been able to advance, or how many people could have been helped if research had been able to be continued. Albert Abrams is remembered as one of the great minds of subtle energetic research, who was just a little bit too far ahead of his time.


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