Trust in God

A web portal that energetically assists you in letting go, letting God and having absolute faith in the divine plan for your life.

Have Confidence in the Greater Plan and Be at Peace


Any time you feel unsure about your life direction, or any time you’re just stressed out or trying too hard to make something happen, simply open this web page until your reassurance in God’s plan for your life is completely reset. It’s not necessary to do anything other than open the page, and keep it open, while you are using your computer or phone. It’s okay to minimize this window and work in other windows or tabs. When you feel you’ve had enough energetic re-balancing, simply close the page.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

For some people, this process will take only a few minutes, while others may need to keep the page open for longer periods of time in order to begin feeling at peace. Each person is different. But you will know it’s working when you begin to feel a deep sense of comfort, relief and serenity regarding your life. Meditation and/or prayer, while this page is open, will decrease the amount of time it takes to begin experiencing relief. 

Amplify the Energy

You can also amplify the virbational energy of this page by opening it in multiple tabs in your web browser. The more tabs you open, the stronger the effect will be. However, stronger is not always better. Rather than blasting yourself with this energy, it is best to start with just one page for 20 minutes to see how you feel before gradually opening an additional page, if necessary. 

How it Works

If you don’t believe in God, or if you have some unique interpretation of what God is or isn’t, this page will still work for you. It is energetically programmed to work with your energy system vibrationally, regardless of your personal belief system, to reinstate a sense of confidence in a greater plan for your life that your conscious mind may not yet fully understand. By letting go into a sense of trust in this greater plan, you’re more free to flow with the opportunities that come into your life rather than being bogged down by self-doubt, self-consciousness, excessive thought and fear. As such, this web portal will help you regardless of your worldview.

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