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Go beyond brainwave entrainment with energetically encoded audios that help you.

Subtle Energy Audios are energetically encoded audios which feature the amplified energetic signatures of various nutritional supplements and/or states of consciousness and thereby empower and unleash your human potential in ways that conventional brainwave and binaural beats entrainment cannot.

Headphones are not required and the energy audios are fully amplifiable. These audios can also be seamlessly integrated with your favorite brain, mind, or meditation audios. And they work well with large groups of people for workshops, live performances, etc.

What are Subtle Energy Audios?

Subtle Energy Audios feature the highly amplified energetic signatures that can be played on repeat at any volume level to infuse your immediate environment with the energy. Simply push “Play,” set your player to repeat, and you’re set. Audios works with or without the use of headphones.

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