45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

INFOGRAPHIC: 45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

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45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

In this infographic, we present 45 names for subtle energy derived from cultural, religious, tribal and scientific communities from around the world. 

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45 Unique Names for Subtle Energy

Cultural and Religious Traditions

Indigenous Traditions

Subtle Energy Science

  • Henri Bergson
  • R. Blondlot
  • Oscar Brunler
  • Barry Carter
  • P. Dubrov
  • Gerald Feinberg
  • Alexander Gurwitsch
  • Thomas Galen Hieronymous
  • Barry Hilton
    • “Fluoroplasmic Energy”
  • Victor Inyushin
  • Nikolai Kozyrev
  • Wilhelm Reich
  • Carl von Reichenbach
  • Ivan Shakhparonov
  • Shakhparonov and Shipov
  • William Tiller
  • I. Veinik
  • George de la Warr


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