Delivering Files to Apple Devices

The bottom line: You can’t download SES audios and/or mandalas (energy apps) to Apple devices without special apps.

iOS devices, including the iPhone, iPad, and iPod do not have a user accessible file system. It’s not like a PC or Mac where you just download the file with the browser to your desktop. There is no way for a user of an Apple mobile device to “download” or “save” a file to their device from the internet without a specific app that is associated with that file type and includes the ability to save it.  

This is not a limitation of SES. This is a limitation of Apple that affects every single web page, shopping cart provider, and content delivery service on the internet.

Because of the above reasons, iOS devices usually have one option to get the media on to their device that works 100% of the time: to first download it to their PC or Mac and use the iTunes proprietary system to move the media over to the device.

The following video tutorial illustrates how to do this:

Another Method for Downloading SES Digital Files from the Internet Directly to You Apple Devices:

Click on the following link to learn about an alternative method you can use to download SES files directly from the Internet to your Apple device using the Safari browser.

Delivering Files to Other Devices

We recommend always downloading SES audio and mandala files to a laptop or computer first. Then use iTunes or some other media app to import the audios onto your phone.

The SES audios feature large file sizes.

Most SES audios come in three audio formats:

We recommend NOT converting the WAV or AIFF files to MP3 format, as this will significantly reduce the energy of these files due to the MP3 compression.

An App for Downloading Digital Files from the Internet to Your Android Device:

iDownloaderPro (on Google Play)

If you have any problems importing SES files to your phone or tablet, please email us at