Wilhelm Reich’s Cloud Buster and Climate Control

Do you think it’s strange that weather reports are rarely accurate? One thing today’s meteorologists don’t account for is the presence of subtle energy within the atmosphere. If you think about it, subtle energy impacts the health of plants, animals, and humans; could it be influencing the weather of the planet, too? Wilhelm Reich, one of the biggest names in subtle energy science, went beyond the lab to test this weather phenomenon on a much larger scale.

“Positive results in ending severe droughts and wildfires, within a few weeks or even days, and returning natural cycles of rainfall, have been observed in field experiments undertaken in the USA and overseas, over many years.”

Theoretically, the presence of subtle energy in the atmosphere has a direct influence on cloud formation. When clouds form, they rely on the surface tension of water droplets to make them more stable and resistant to evaporation. As seen in our previous article, there are multiple points of evidence that indicate subtle energy has a direct influence on the surface tension of water. Because of this, concentrations of subtle energy, or the lack thereof, likely plays a key role in the weather patterns of our planet.

In his work, Reich suspects that orgone (his term for subtle energy) impacts our climate through its interaction with the levels of moisture in the air.  Throughout his time researching the effects of subtle energy, Reich invented multiple devices to harness its power as well. One of these inventions is known as the cloud buster. Built initially to channel excess subtle energy out of Reich’s lab, it was found to have a greater application for its affects on the surrounding atmosphere.

Wilhelm Reich’s cloudbuster actually works to channel subtle orgone energy into it, like a vacuum. When it is pointed at a sky full of clouds, the energy charge that was holding together the surface tension of the water in the cloud dissipates, causing the cloud to evaporate. No surface tension, no clouds – hence, the cloud is busted.

The device itself is constructed with hollow metal tubes, set on a gun mount so that they can be aimed at the sky. According to Reich, it must be connected through a grounding rod to a living source of water beneath the ground. An active well, or other source of “healthy” flowing water is needed for the cloud buster to work. Stagnant water will not conduct the proper energy flow, as the orgone from the living water plays a critical role in the equation of how this technology works.

Reich labels the living ground water as having higher orgone potential (OP). Therefore the negentropic nature of the orgone within the cloud will begin to flow through the cloud buster, attracted almost magnetically, to the more powerful source flowing within the ground. Those who have stood near one of these devices report that a distinct change in atmosphere occurs, and a breeze begins to blow within a few minutes of the process.

Researcher, Dr. James deMeo investigated Reich’s work further in the 70s through an indoor experiment. Using a different Reich device called an orgone chamber, a large box that allows for the accumulation of subtle orgone energy, he observed the impact various levels of orgone had on evaporated water. At higher concentrations of orgone, the water evaporation was slowed. This confirms the theory that orgone, or subtle energy, helps water to structure in such a way that inhibits evaporation.

Additionally, deMeo carried out a successful 2-year study on the cloudbuster at the University of Kansas Geography-Meteorology Department, which he summarizes with this quote:

"I studied the influence of the device upon the dynamics of cumulus clouds, making photographs which were then digitized and graphed on a computer, and also 12 different experiments to increase rains. The study incorporated weather data for the entire state of Kansas. The device was operated for only a few hours on the test days, and produced dramatic increases in the percentage of cloud cover and measured precipitation over the entire state, starting usually within an hour or two after the onset of operations."

DeMeo results confirmed the findings of Reich and his contemporaries. Ultimately, these men see cloud busting technology as a form of atmospheric acupuncture. They see chronic drought regions such as deserts, as areas where the natural pulse of rain-dry-rain-dry has ceased to function. It could be possible, that by learning to harness the subtle energy within the atmosphere, we could have a better chance of bringing balance to the world’s climate.


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“On the Problem of Growing Irrationalism and Mis-Application of Reich’s Atmospheric Discoveries A Personal View” by James DeMeo, Ph.D.




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