What Do You Mean When You Say that You Source Some Energetic Signatures Directly from the Quantum Field?

The paradigm I work from is simple: the quantum field (or something possibly beyond even the quantum) records everything in existence. Various religious and cultural traditions reflect this idea (e.g., the Akashic records in Vedic thought).

In other words, the quantum holds the informational blueprint of anything and everything that’s ever existed. As such, it is possible to tap into, extract and encode the informational blueprint of almost anything directly from the quantum.

Dr. William Tiller discovered this phenomenon when he and a group of experienced meditators went into a deep state of meditation and within this deep state collectively imprinted a specific intention upon a simple electrical circuit.

The intention was simple: lower the ph of a particular glass of water to a very specific decimal level. After the group imprinted the electrical circuit with this intention, the circuit was boxed and mailed off to a lab several hundred miles away.

Upon arrival at the lab, the box was opened and the circuit removed and placed near two or more glasses of water, only one of which was pre-chosen to be the precise glass of water in which the water’s ph level would be lowered to a specific decimal level.

Upon inspection, it was discovered that precisely the glass that had been pre-chosen was the glass of water with a ph level that had somehow been completely reduced to exactly the decimal level programmed, with human intention, into the simple electrical circuit. None of the other glasses of water had shifted in ph level. Only that particular glass of water had shifted to precisely the decimal level in ph that had been intended from the beginning.

When asked how he knew how to lower the water ph level to such a specific decimal level, Dr. Tiller replied that he had no clue howto do something like that. He also said that even though he didn’t know how to do it, the quantum field did. In other words, even though he lacked the ability to accomplish this task, he knew that this greater consciousness that emerges and operates through the quantum field did know to do it; and all he did was focus the intention, trusted that it would be accomplished, and let it go. The innate intelligence of the quantum did the rest.

All that said, I’m using a very different method to accomplish these kinds of tasks. And though the protocol is different, the principles are the same. The quantum already knows how to accomplish the creative endeavors I envision, and I’m simply tapping into the informational blueprint that already exists in the quantum field pertaining to those goals.

But to be clear, I don’t source all the energetic signatures I produce directly from the quantum. Sometimes I extract signatures from actual physical objects and substances. There are numerous ways to create energetic signatures, and I don’t always use the same method for every signature. It just depends on the signature in question. And when it comes to the creation of the Aura Clearing mandala, for example, I came to the conclusion that the quantum field already holds the ideal blueprint for clearing the aura, whereas my particular expertise isn’t necessarily in the area of aura clearing. So I sourced the aura clearing signature from the quantum field andafterward found it to do a much better job of clearing the aura than I could have done on my own. Make sense?

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