Unraveling the Mystery of Dark Matter: Is it Really Dark, or Just the Misunderstood Ether?

A Substantive, Moving, Dynamic, Spiraling Cosmological Ether 

American physicist and astronomer Dayton Miller’s ether-drift experiments, conducted between 1906 and 1929, suggested the presence of a cosmological ether with mass that could be blocked or reflected by dense material surroundings. This bold hypothesis led to subsequent work by Michelson-Pease-Pearson in 1929 and Galaev in 2001 and 2002, who experimentally confirmed Miller’s results.

The collective evidence suggested that the ether had a modest mass that could be reflected by specific materials. It also suggested that the ether entrained to the rotating motion of the Earth and was most detectable therefore at high altitudes.  In essence, Miller’s experiments were truly groundbreaking because they not only  demonstrated the presence of an ether in the cosmos, but also because they showed that this ether was dynamic and moving, not static as formerly believed.

In the mid to late 1930’s, Austrian doctor of medicine and psychoanalyst Wilhelm Reich also made an interesting discovery of a mysterious life energy he referred to as the Cosmic Orgone, which he described as a spiraling cosmic energy that governs living systems. Interestingly, and quite independently, Reich came to the same conclusions regarding the Cosmic Orgone that Miller had regarding the dynamic ether: Reich realized that the Cosmic Orgone was most detectable at high altitudes and was able to be deflected using certain materials. As Dr. James DeMeo has noted, Reich’s controversial and largely misunderstood discovery absolutely confirmed Dayton Miller’s underappreciated work.

Furthermore, because the original Michelson-Morley interferometer experiment lacked the insights gained from Miller’s and Reich’s research, Michelson and Morley failed to detect a significant ether-drift. More precisely, their experiment was poorly designed because: a) their interferometer was constructed of materials that naturally deflected the ether/orgone and thereby skewed their results; and b) their experiment was not conducted at altitude, which further complicated their data.

As a result, they failed to measure a compelling ether-drift, though Dr. James DeMeo claims that some degree of ether-drift was in fact detected (even with subpar design parameters) but dismissed. Rarely in the history of science do we see one primary experiment suffice in either proving or disproving a hypothesis; but in the case of the originally hypothesized luminiferous ether, the poorly designed Michelson-Morley experiment has been touted for decades as the de facto scientific invalidation of the ether. And while the idea of a static ether was incorrect, the work of Miller, Reich, Galaev and others clearly substantiates a moving, dynamic ether.


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Kozyrev’s “Time /Torsion”

Soviet Russian astronomer and astrophysicist Nikolai Kozyrev experimentally established the existence of a torsional energy field that traveled many times faster than the speed of light and both included and transcended gravity and electromagnetism. He referred to this torsion energy as the flow of time (in part, because of how this energy measurably affected the flow of time in his experiments), though other researchers have drawn parallels between Kozyrev’s time/torsion and the dynamic ether.

Like Miller’s dynamic ether and Reich’s spiraling orgone, Kozyrev’s time/torsion energy also moved dynamically in spinning motions. Likewise, Plato’s aether/quintessence was believed to move in circles. And like the Hindu and Buddhist versions of the ether/aether (known as akasha in Sanskrit), Kozyrev’s torsional “time” energy was seen as permeating all space and being both the basis and essence of all material existence.

Similar to Reich’s orgone, which came in both a beneficial version and a detrimental version, Kozyrev’s time/torsion also came in two versions: one that increased order and another that decreased order in living systems.

Remarkably, like both Miller’s ether and Reich’s orgone, Kozyrev’s time/torsion energy could be reflected using specific materials

Other Russian scientists furthered Kozyrev’s work in the 90’s and more or less implied that torsion energy was the solution to dark energy and dark matter, with right-hand torsion being the equivalent of the former and left-hand torsion the equivalent of the latter. 


Is it possible that Miller’s ether, Reich’s orgone, Kozyrev’s torsion, Hinduism’s akasha, Plato’s aether, dark matter/energy, and the quantum vacuum are all, more or less, the same thing (or, at the very least, deeply related)? 

In every case, each of these phenomena are incredibly subtle in nature, which would account for why they are so incredibly difficult to detect and measure in a direct way. Instead, where we have evidence for each of them, it tends to be via their effects on other things.

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1 thought on “Unraveling the Mystery of Dark Matter: Is it Really Dark, or Just the Misunderstood Ether?”

  1. Eureka!
    Do you know the history and story of this word?
    Then you know it has become the foundation of science.
    It has directly given everyone the concrete first principle of displacement.
    When a first principle is true, it is true everywhere, across existence.
    Just try to name one place without the principle of displacement involved in some way.
    (Cause and Effect) comes from the principle of displacement.
    Everything displaces everything else when they are different densities.
    (E=Mc2) tells us everything is energy.
    Energy has four densities. We can list them like this:
    – Energy that’s solid
    – Energy that’s liquid
    – Energy that’s gas
    – Energy that’s other, Energy-other, E’ther

    Modern science has found the universe to be about ~95% energy that’s less dense than matter.
    Energy is the norm.
    Matter is few and far between when compared to E’ther.
    Modern science has also found a way to create matter out of energy. This proves the direction of thought of (E=Mc2) that everything is energy. Everything is just variations in density.

    There is an entire periodic table that has yet to be developed for E’ther. The periodic table we have includes energies we can detect with our eyes and their cousins in density. The E’theric period periodic table would include plasmas and energies of every sort not found to be matter, meaning a (solid, liquid or gas). Examples would be fire, light, electricity, gravity, radio, and many others.

    What field of science will explore this undiscovered country?
    Who put it all together?
    Who will realize the dreams of our ancestors?

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