time anomalies in the Arctic north

Time Anomalies in the Arctic North

"A mirror can be made that can bend absolutely anything, including time . . . Time travel is possible through a mirror."

During the early 1990’s, Dr. Alexander V. Trofimov and Dr. Vlail P. Kaznacheev constructed a device known as a “Kozyrev mirror” at the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences. They were familiar with the Kozyrev mirror as the result of research conducted by Soviet astronomer Nikolai Kozyrev years earlier.

Kozyrev was known for his unique theory of time, in which the flow of time was associated with what he referred to as torsion energy. Depending on its direction of spin, Kozyrev claimed, torsion energy could either slow down the flow of time or speed it up.

In his papers, Kozyrev talked about a cylindrical metal chamber that he believed was capable of reflecting the biological torsion energy radiating outwardly from the subjects body, such that the torsion energy would then be concentrated and directed back into the subject’s body and psyche.

In this way, torsion energy would be concentrated and thereby result in various psychic and precognitive experiences in the subjects lying inside the chamber. The proposed chamber was later referred to as a Kozyrev mirror due to its ability to reflect torsion energy and thereby concentrate it inside the chamber.

Kozyrev theorized that time and light were similar; and just as light was a form of energy, so too was time an actual form of energy. He saw another similarity between light and time. In the same way that light is a spectrum that is not entirely visible to the naked eye, time also, according to Kozyrev, is a spectrum that is not entirely visible to human awareness.

In his view, the spectrum of time–past, present and future–exists simultaneously in the present moment. Yet, most of us are only aware of the present. We aren’t typically able to access the past or future directly.

As such, in the same way that a mirror can bend light, Kozyrev theorized that a mirror could also bend and redirect time. His theories were not accepted by the scientific community of his time, so he used his life savings to fund his own experiments.

The Kozyrev Mirror: Testing for Extrasensory Perception (ESP)

Trofimov and Kaznacheev constructed the Kozyrev device with the intention of testing to see whether subjects inside the chamber could receive nonlocal information not readily available to the five senses. However, due to unforeseen developments, they encountered what is now known as the most bizarre phenomena ever documented at the North Pole.

In order to build the Kozyrev mirror, they used a thin sheet of aluminum, which stood upright and spiraled inwardly, where a space was left for a human subject. Essentially, they had created a kind of concave mirror.

Aluminum was chosen specifically because it had been used in Kozyrev’s other experiments and was shown to be capable of reflecting torsion energy back in the direction from which it came. They then rotated the Kozyrev mirror one and a half turns clockwise so that the opening in the cylindrical spiral would capture more concentrated torsion energy and move it into the center of the spiral, where the subject would be seated.

The idea here was for the subject to gain access to the full spectrum of time–past, present and future.

The Dikson Village Experiments

After completion of the Kozyrev mirror device, Trofimov and Kaznacheev moved it to a small, isolated village called Dikson, which is the closest permanent settlement located near the North Pole. They chose this location purposefully, as they believed that concentrated time had been encapsulated within the centuries old permafrost.

Trofimov explains:

“The permafrost zone [surrounding Dikson] . . . stores information for many tens and hundreds of thousands of years. According to Kozyrev, any process such as the transformation of water into ice is accompanied by the absorption of time energy. And the ice . . . stores this energy of time. When the ice begins to melt, the reverse process of energy release of time begins.”

Trofimov and Kaznacheev were convinced that as this ice began to melt, ancient streams of information would spontaneously be released into the environment. They also believed that the Kozyrev mirror they had constructed would be capable of capturing this release of concentrated time energy. What they didn’t expect, however, was to be completely disrupted by the strange events that would unfold.

The first day of the experiments offered a big surprise: none of the subjects were willing to step inside the Kozyrev mirror. Everyone in the lab that day, including Trofimov and Kaznacheev, were overcome with an animalistic and primal fear.

This palpable dread, however, was not simply affecting the minds of the participants; it was producing physical anomalies in the lab.

One participant described the experience:

“Three of us came to the psychological distress room to work there. Having entered the room, we felt a kind of emotional pressure. We found a picture of three dots inside a circle. Somebody offered to put it inside the Kozyrev mirrors. Having done it we felt a kind of emotional shock. We just couldn’t keep standing around the mirrors . . . . The fear was so strong, it seemed like a real thing you could touch. None of us had ever had such a feeling before.”

Another participant reported the following:
“I was afraid to come up to the mirrors . . . . My colleague decided to put a reproduction of “Banner of Peace” by [Nicholas] Roerich into the mirrors. Once he stretched out his hand, he had fear . . . . I felt my chest trembling. It was like coming into cold water . . . . The fear grew so strong, that I was close to running away. Next time we came into the room, I suddenly felt a strong blow to my head.”
Yet another participant reported:
“We felt the source of the pressure was the Kozyrev mirrors because as we got closer to them, the thrill grew. I felt cold and dizzy (like there was too much oxygen). My hands were trembling and my head grew heavy. While coming away from the mirror, my feelings went down.
“Once we were back, we felt the fear grow up again. At [11 PM] the fear area reached out of Kozyrev’s space. Even the air of the room seemed different. It was like after a thunderstorm. At [11:50 PM] we decided to put a test paper into the mirrors. The test paper was a round form with three circles and the Banner of Peace by [Nicholas] Roerich inside.
“I put it in between the mirrors. My hands trembled. I saw a black cloud in the center of Kozyrev’s space. It filled up the whole space of the mirrors. About [1 AM] we felt the presence of some substance in the room . . . . It felt like the substance came from Kozyrev’s space and filled up the whole room. The fear was so strong . . . .
“We put a cross on outside the mirrors and it calmed us down a bit. But at about 2 AM the fear reached its extreme . . . . We went out of the room, but my colleagues decided to back for the cigarettes. As we passed the hole in the mirrors, we saw a violet flash shaped like a tree with ‘branches’ and ‘roots’.
“At that very moment my colleague got scared. We ran away from the room. I felt like something had struck my back. It was like a black cloud generating fear. Getting away from the room, I felt there was a black cloud dragging behind me from the mirrors. In the morning, I had a headache.”
Trofimov and Kaznacheev were there in the lab as well and saw the violet flash of light followed by the smell of ozone. The night guards outside reported seeing a hovering, glowing disc outside the lab at the same time all of this was happening.
Trofimov said about the incident:
“[The tester] brought the symbol of [Nicholas] Roerich’s Banner of Peace into the mirrors, [and] the tester was thrown back by a certain force field. Suddenly, inside the installation there was a flash of a plasmoid . . . . It was scary. We were not ready for this. We did not even have instruments to measure everything. [According to the security officers outside], minute-by-minute, a luminous object in the form of a disc began to appear above our building . . . . This happened around seven times.”
Over the course of two months, seven sightings of UFO’s hovering over the building were reported. But the strange sense of fear they had reported during the first night completely disappeared the following day. As such, the crew resumed their experiments the following day.

The plan was to seat someone inside the Kozyrev mirror and rotate it one and a half times clockwise. Everyone who entered experienced the unexpected.

Trofimov explains:

“Everyone who entered the mirrors of Kozyrev saw a huge stream of symbols–signs glowing like neon signs. All of us saw it; admired them. These were real, visible signs.”

The mysterious symbols were then sketched and recorded in their research logs. The Dikson experiments were conducted over a six-month period, and new people participated in the study during that time. None of them knew any of the other people who participated in the study either before or after them. Yet, they all reported and recorded the same mysterious symbols.
Trofimov has been clear in stating that:

“This is not a subjective feeling of the people seeing these characters. One by one, research participants who had not talked amongst themselves entered the mirrors. Each of them drew the symbols, the same symbols.”

One of the symbols drawn by the research participants was an eye, which is associated with the Eye of Providence or the Eye of Horus. It comes from ancient Egyptian culture and is commonly used by the Freemasons.
Another symbol often recorded by these participants was a circle with three dots inside of it. It is the same symbol used by artist and mystic Nicholas Roerich for his Banner of Peace. He chose it to represent the Trinity of Orthodox Christianity. But he was surprised to see the same symbol used in parts of Asia during his travels. As such, he reasoned that the symbol must have been much older than Christianity.

Sumerian Symbols

Trofimov and Kaznacheev handed their vast collection of recorded symbols to linguists from the Siberian Branch of the Academy of Sciences. The linguists identified roughly 80% of the symbols, all of which were ancient and could be traced back to megalithic sites. However, though the symbols seemed to be from different ancient cultures, the majority of the symbols were of Sumerian origin.
Trofimov commented on this finding, saying:

“At first, we thought that [the symbols were] some kind of message to us. There are always many temptations in interpretations. Then we realized that most of the symbols we saw correlated with the Sumerian culture . . . symbols that have come down to us on clay tablets in cuneiform writing. It was a moment of history that broke into our zone. That is, somehow we entered the horizon of the information storage, on that shelf, which refers to the Sumerian stage in the development of our civilization.”

Sumerian writing is the oldest known language, dating back to 3100 B.C.. And one of the distinguishing characteristics of Sumerian writing is the appearance of what looks like strange, heavenly beings conversing with human beings. More on that later.

The Presence of the Observers

During the original Dikson experiments that took place in 1991, there were other paranormal phenomena that occurred. Many of the experiments had to be paused due to participants suffering from dizziness, nausea and migraines. And they usually just learned to tolerate such discomfort over the course of the study.
Some of the subjects recorded the following reports:
“In a few minutes I saw a human shape. It was white all over. In 30 seconds it was gone.”
“Being inside Kozyrev’s space, I felt lifeless and laid down . . . . As soon as I closed my eyes, I saw an object flying above. Then came the darkness and then the light again. I was in a room I hadn’t seen before. A man was standing in the center of the room. His face wasn’t seen. He began to speak slowly. ‘Your planet is in danger. It is suffering.’ I couldn’t say a word while he was speaking. He said, ‘There may be a disaster. I asked him, ‘When?’ There was no answer.”
“Inside Kozyrev’s space for five minutes, I saw myself at age five or something like that. His clothes were unusual, except the shoes, which I still remember since I was a kid. Just before that I was shivering with cold.”
“At first in Kozyrev’s space, it was like ‘waves’ coming on my head and ears were tight. In some time, I could not feel my feet. After that, a tall man in a white suit turned slowly to me. Then I saw a series of images. There was a moment when I heard breathing down on the floor. My body trembled a bit. But realizing that I was alone in the room, I relaxed.”
“I saw a ‘flying saucer’ inside Kozyrev’s space. It was going down slowly . . . . It was black with white windows. Then it suddenly went up and went away.”
“Being in Kozyrev’s space, at first I was scared by something huge coming at me from both sides. Then I saw that there were two armies approaching each other. Then it went away and I saw an erupting volcano. I saw streams of lava coming down and a huge cloud of sulfur over it. The whole time I kept my eyes open. As I closed my eyes, I wanted to sleep, but all of a sudden I felt somebody touching my hand. My body shivered with fear.”
Approximately 75% of all the experiences recorded spoke of seeing UFO’s. And approximately 68% of all participants reported the presence of an observer described as being humanoid, faceless and wearing white clothing. Whatever it was they were seeing, it wasn’t human.
Participants reported that the white being was aware of their every thought and action, and appeared to exert some kind of power over them. 40% of the participants reported seeing past episodes of their lives, and 30% recorded actual historic events from the past.
This warping of time, so to speak, was most prevalent the longer participants remained within the Kozyrev mirror.
Trofimov explains that:

“When a person, on his own initiative, was in the mirrors for several hours, he saw himself as a participant in the historic events that took place in the Roman Empire. He described the course of events in which he participated.”

UFO's and the Northern Lights

The first UFO sightings occurred from the very beginning of setting up the Kozyrev mirrors. Multiple reports were filed over the coming months.

Here are some of the reports:

“A UFO was seen above Dikson village . . . . The object looked like a car light with the beam directed opposite of the movement. It was going to the North-East high up at low speed. Then it changed to the East and was gone.”

“A UFO was seen going slowly North. It had four lights shining ahead the way it was going. Later, the UFO changed its course Westward and then Southward.”

“I saw a red glimmering circle above the building. It was there for a minute and then gone.”

“During the experiments in Kozyrev’s space, a few people could see a shining object flying slowly Northwards. Beams were going out of it, and its light was still seen for some time after the UFO had flown away. Later, the object had changed its course and ‘faded away’.”

Around the same time the UFO’s were being reported, villagers began reporting something else.

Dikson village is very close to the North Pole, so seeing the Northern Lights tends to be a common experience here. But what more than 100 villagers reported on one afternoon didn’t seem to be the famous Northern Lights.

They described what they saw as thousands of tiny, multi-colored areas falling from the sky. And they further reported that this cloud of multi-colored arrows was forming and gathering around the research facility being used for the experiments.

At this time, Trofimov and Kaznacheev were conducting an experiment with a local painter. They had asked him to paint the images and symbols he saw while inside the mirror device. While the painter was inside the mirror device, Trofimov and Kaznacheev discovered that the electronics in the lab were going haywire.

But they decided to keep this news to themselves rather than interrupting the painter. They were astonished to find that small objects in the room had become magnetized.

When they spoke with the monitoring station, they learned that the Earth’s magnetic had been recently disturbed. The increased geomagnetic activity had jumped significantly in the course of one day. This is important because the geomagnetic field is much stronger in the North Pole than it is near the Equator, and it is the geomagnetic field that is associated with the Northern Lights.

Some scientists theorized, therefore, that what the villagers saw was simply an extremely intense version of the Northern Lights.

As all of these events unfolded, the painter inside the mirror drew three pictures:

  1. Three black mountains–or pyramids–surrounded by light
  2. A black sphere falling to the Earth
  3. Two objects that look like space craft flying above the Earth. 

Then, another sighting occurred.

Here are a couple of the reports:

“A bright-yellow triangular object was seen. It was changing its shape from to triangular to semi-oval. The quantity of radiated light was changing too.”

“I saw half of a bright-yellow ball, South-East in the sky. I noticed the ball changing its colour. It turned brighter from time to time. Sometimes half of the ball reduced to a quarter. At times, it got covered with smoke.”

Pandora's Box

All of these phenomena continued throughout the course of their experiments. And unfortunately, some of these phenomena continued for the participants even after they left Dikson village.

Trofimov and Kaznacheev theorized that after a subject was immersed in nonlocal time, their consciousness remained enhanced afterward.

One participant reported seeing auras around all living things. Others reported instances of precognition, telepathy and the sensation of being controlled.

One participant reported that:

“Outside of Kozyrev’s mirrors, I discovered I had unusual abilities. I could answer questions without thinking. I could tell a guy the number of his examination card or the date of departure long before it occurred. I ‘saw’ an accident the day before it occurred. Starting in late May I had problems. I was afraid to be in the balcony because of a strong urge to jump off. I often had frustrations that lasted until July.”

Kaznacheev, in particular, was unsettled by these events and questioned whether or not it was wise or humane to continue these experiments.
He came up with two theories to explain these events:
  1. It might be difficult or impossible for the body to process all of the information that was literally beamed into the subject’s bodies due to the concentrated time energy in which they were immersed.
  2. They may have inadvertently opened a portal, of sorts, to another world, one which is not as friendly as ours.

He wondered whether or not the appearance of the men shrouded in white and the UFO sightings were representative of contact with intelligent non-human beings.

Eventually, however, Trofimov and Kaznacheev decided to continue the experiments for several years. And Trofimov continued to study the Kozyrev mirrors as well as publish papers and speak about his research. He has publicly stated his interest in using the Kozyrev mirror to predict natural disasters.
Kaznacheev, however, has taken a back seat, though he did make this comment:

“We have not yet discovered the mystery of these mirrors . . . . Working with [them] carries many threats. They are connected not only with immersion of the unknown. A huge danger lies in the remote influence on the minds of unsuspecting people.”

In this experiment, a tailor-made mirror reversed time by distorting the space around it.


Kaznacheev, Vlail P.; Alexander V. Trofimov. (1992) Cosmic Consciousness of Humanity: Problems of New Cosmogeny.

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