The Power of Spin

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Spin and torsion are everywhere. Molecules in space have been found to spin. Most heavenly bodies spin; some asteroids, planetoids, and all stars spin. Some giant pulsating stars spin very fast, up to 1,000 times a minute. Earth’s moon only spins once every four weeks.

Spin force apparently acts at a distance like two of the other so called forces of physics: gravity and electromagnetism. A famous experiment by two physicists shows what they have named ‘entanglement’ of electron spins, which can be explained by assuming that a spin force exists which travels faster than light. Two recent researchers have observed data that implies the existence of spin or torsion force.

Spins of molecules within the human body have been observed by some scientists to couple with other molecules several inches away. While this puzzles some researchers, others theorize a faster than light velocity for spin or something related to it based on observations of distant stars.

In this video, Nassim Haramein and friends illuminate the mystery and importance of spin as it relates to our past, present and future.

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