The Miracles of Qigong Master Dr. Yan Xin

Traditional Chinese Qigong is an ancient system that invites the practitioner to enter into a “right relationship” with cosmic forces. It integrates the mind, body, and spirit through different philosophical ideas and physical movements. As research grows about this practice, there are some surprising things being revealed about the potential humans have to heal ourselves and others.

Qigong is becoming a widely adopted practice in the West due to its now-proven effects for enhancing our body’s ability to heal on all levels. What is it about Qigong that causes pain relief in the body, and in some cases, healing from extreme chronic conditions? One of the modern masters of this ancient subtle energetic art form, Dr. Yan Xin of Sichuan, China, demonstrates through example what can be done for human health through the proper activation and cultivation of Qi.


Although Yan Xin became a medical doctor of Western medicine, he began practicing the traditional healing art of Qigong with local masters at an early age. He took this life-long to pursuit with him to work in his medical practice with results that led him to receive international attention. His ability to command Qi, or life force energy, was causing his patients to be cured from serious health conditions.

Dr. Xin’s patients experienced relief from pain, without the need for pain killers. Plus, they healed from their conditions more quickly than those who were not receiving energetically enhanced treatment. There are thousands of documented cases where life-threatening conditions such as cancer, AIDS, cardiovascular disease, and neurological disorders were either significantly improved, or cured altogether. 

Even patients who are not seriously ill have shown improvements to overall health after engaging in Dr. Xin’s recommended Qigong practices. Every system of the body seems to benefit from the structural systems of bones and muscles, to the circulatory, respiratory, immune, and digestive systems. Apparently, our bodies do better when we are consciously cultivating and moving subtle energy on a regular basis.


One famous example even shows the potential for Qi to work remotely. Dr. Xin was called in to help aid one of China’s most famous nuclear scientists, Deng Jiaxian, who was suffering from the final stages of cancer. As Dr. Xin was on his way to begin working with him, he began to intentionally project Qi energy towards him with the intent to heal. 

By the time Xin arrived at the hospital, Deng Jiaxian was sitting up in bed without the need for anesthetics, and had was practically back to normal functioning. Although in this case, the patient did not survive cancer, he was able to live out his final month pain-free, thanks to the regular treatment of Qi. This was considered a miracle, and is a well documented case for the role Qi can play in pain relief of those suffering from the most extreme illnesses. 

More documented cases of Xin’s work include the rapid healing of fractured bones (within 20 minutes), curing diabetes within 2-3 days, and enabling a woman who was paralyzed in a wheel to be able to walk for the first time in 43 years. This reputation as a “miracle healer” led him to the opportunity to travel throughout China and the rest of the world to meet world leaders and demonstrate the role that subtle energy can play in the healing of the body.

How can “miracles” like this be possible? As science begins to apply technology to the study of Qigong, some interesting things become evident. For one, the Raman device allows us to view changes in the bonds of water molecules. When observed in the lab, Dr. Xin’s affect on water through the application of Qi, caused a significant increase of structuring occurred over water that was left untreated by this energy. 

The effects of the Qi on the water peaked within the first half-hour, and returned to normal within two hours. Although science can not yet explain how or why this increase of water structure happens, it may provide a clue to what is happening in the body when people are healed by Qi. Because we are mostly made of water, perhaps the restructuring of the bonds within us is enough to cause our pain and chronic conditions to disappear.

Through Dr. Xin’s work, we see that there is more to the body’s ability to heal and be healed than Western medicine had previously imagined. Remote healing is possible, as is rapid healing from chronic conditions. Through this ancient practice, we have the verified potential ability to relieve pain and suffering through our presence alone.


Life Force, The Scientific Basis: Breakthrough Physics of Energy Medicine, Healing, Chi and Quantum Consciousness by Dr. Clause Swanson, Ph.D.

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