The Layers of the Auric Field

Did you know that there are layers to the human aura? Mystic traditions and clairvoyants such as Barbara Brennan, Rosalyn Bruyere, Miktek Wirkus and others describe the different qualities of these energy fields; and the roles each auric field layer plays in our health and well-being. These interpretations point to a higher dimensional aspect of reality, and lifts us to possibilities beyond physical.

Each layer of the aura possesses its own unique vibrational gradient, structure, form and function. All layers are active at all times and can be accessed individually. Meditation practice can help develop the ability to explore these layers of the aura, aspects of self, and their associated qualities.


The etheric field layer is the closest to the physical body and extends one or two inches beyond the skin. It regulates the exchange of energy and information between the body and its environment. Part biophotonic field and part torsion field, it gathers and distributes life-force energy from the sun and environment.

This etheric field layer is believed to be responsible for informing the shape of the body, and could be compared to the informational “L-field” described by Harold Saxon Burr or Morphogenetic Field as theorized by Rupert Sheldrake. Claude Swanson, Ph.D. believes that DNA is able to communicate with this layer through biophotons, and it can be attuned through the acupuncture meridian system.

When people describe the color of the aura, they are referring to this level. The seven primary aura colors include : violet, blue, green, yellow, orange, deep red, and pink. Healers are able to project the needed color energetically to patients during healing sessions as another means of repairing this level of the energy body when needed.All auric field layers are active at all times and can be accessed individually.


Wrapping the Etheric layer is the Astral layer, which is linked with desire, emotions and feelings. It penetrates the body and extends one-to-two feet beyond it, connecting the sensations of the physical body with the higher mind. This field changes color and distance depending on one’s emotional state.

The quality of a person’s astral body is reflective of their level of spiritual development. An underdeveloped individual will have a small and cloudy astral body, while a more spiritually advanced individual will tend to have a clear and expanded astral body. 


Beyond the Astral is the Mental level, associated with the intellect, imagination and memory. When a person thinks or tries to remember something, waves of energy are sent from their mental body, and can be picked up in the mental plane by others for non-verbal understanding or telepathic encounters.

According to Claude Swanson, Ph.D., this level of the auric field corresponds to the Akashic Records; the record of all things that have happened throughout time and history. If one can bypass the clouding of the emotional Astral level, it is said it is possible to clearly see any event in history. According to Dr. Swanson’s research, there are clairvoyants who are able to independently review the same records and accurately report the same details from the chosen events of the past.

In Dr. Swanson’s view, the Causal Plane relates to abstract concepts and generalities. It stores our past life information, and the karma which “causes” us to behave in certain ways in this lifetime. Soul-level lessons, general impressions, wisdom, and the power to manifest are all associated with this auric level. Additionally, it contains general knowledge of mathematics and geometry. This is the home for the soul’s guiding blueprint of evolution from lifetime to lifetime. 

Buddhic Plane

As the auric layers extend outwards from the physical body, there is more and more of an overlap with the auric fields of others. Connection to the Buddhic level brings a state of universal oneness with all beings. This sense of unity can encourage forgiveness of others’ faults, as well as an ability to tap into their skill sets and talents without having to have spent time developing them personally.

Pure love, compassion, and charity are found at this level. Dissolution of the self, time, and space can occur for an experience of limitless consciousness. The past, present and future all become available to one’s awareness simultaneously.

Clairvoyants claim that these dimensions are a reality, and exist at a higher vibrational rate than the physical plane which we inhabit. Certain emotional states such as greed, materialism, jealousy, and hatred cannot exist at these higher densities. Further research into these realms must then be connected to purity of motive and the development of consciousness of those seeking to investigate them.

Life Force: The Scientific Basis, Dr. Claude Swanson Ph.D.

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