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How you can get into “the zone” almost instantly thanks to a bleeding edge physics breakthrough

“Just a calm, smooth, cheerful energy that feels like tapping into the flow of the universe in a way where life just seems to flow. Feels like being ready for anything.” - Michael Halbfish

You know that rare feeling of flow you get when everything simply feels right,

Clear focus,

When you know what you need to do, and are 100% confident that you can do it?

That smooth, easy happiness,

Where obstacles seem small and the future looks bright…

Can you remember the last time you felt like that?

Sadly, a large majority of most people’s time is spent in the completely opposite state.

Stressed. Worried. Confused. Distracted.

Frustrated by every little thing that comes up.

It’s far too easy to slip into that kind of low vibration “rut’

And as fun as it is to down endless cups of coffee or other substances chasing that fun happy focus feeling,

You only end up jittery, anxious and then feel even worse after you crash.

I’m going to show you an alternative, leveraging advanced energy particles from the bleeding edge of our scientific understanding of the universe to tap into this clear, focused, and driven state on demand.

How would things be different if you were able to pop into this state when needed?

Here are some people’s experiences:


Let me tell you a little bit about how they discovered this breakthrough approach.


And I have spent nearly every waking moment the last two decades pioneering a field known as “Subtle Energy Sciences.”

Which in a nutshell, means I find ways to influence the human energy biofield to enhance the health and happiness of others.

Over the years I’ve helped thousands of people experience some truly remarkable changes through this technology

I’m always on the lookout for new breakthroughs in science and technology that I can bring to my community to achieve better health and wellbeing.

A while ago I stumbled upon something called “Tachyon Energy”

Tachyon Energy is said to be made up of subatomic particles capable of traveling much faster than the speed of light.

It is considered to be the very first form of energy manifested by Zero Point Energy, a form that is not limited to a specific frequency or frequency spectrum. Instead, it is believed to include all energy potentials within itself.

Gabriel Cousens M.D., co-author of the book Tachyon Energy: A New Paradigm in Holistic Healing, theorizes that tachyon energy is capable of providing the Subtle Organizing Energy Fields of human beings everything it needs for optimal health and balance.

In other words, because tachyon healing energy contains all of the positive potentials needed for optimal human health, the Subtle Organizing Energy Field of the human body can easily extract and utilize those potentials for optimal health.

Those are big bold clams and I was determined to find out if I could leverage this type of energy to help those in my community.

It wasn’t easy.

This kind of experimentation is always demanding but it was even more so in this case because of the nature of Tachyon energy.

But I was eventually able to identify and encode the appropriate energy signature into digital media files.

After I fired up the files a smooth calmness washed over me.

I wasn’t tired, but I wasn’t “wired” either.

Just clear.

I felt free, easy and ready to push onward toward my goals.

It was GOOD.

I shared these new files with a few people who volunteered to be “guinea pigs” and this is some of the things they had to say:

And so the Amplified Tachyon Package was born…


There are several ways you can use the Amplified Tachyon Package:

Quantum Resonance App
(in four formats)

Simply put, our Quantum Energy Apps are energetically encoded digital pictures that transform your electronic devices into quantum resonance tools that support you for greater health, well-being and peak performance.

  • Energetically encoded digital images
  • Encoded with the energy of Amplified Tachyon
  • Amplifiable – Amplify the energy broadcast to be as strong as you like.
  • Completely silent – No audio or headphones necessary
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Set and forget it
  • Usable on any smart phone, tablet, laptop, pc or mac.

Four Formats

Although at first glance these apps look like nothing more than digital image files, they are encoded with powerful quantum frequencies that infuse your biofield with healing energy simply by opening them on any compatible device or printing them using any kind of home printer.

Using The Prints


The Printable PDF version can be printed using any desktop printer (in color or b & w, doesn’t matter), and the prints will carry the amplified energetic signature of the app. The following are just a few of the unique and versatile ways you can use the prints:

  • Place the prints under your seat cushions, mattress and pillow.
  • Place the prints under any power cord (printer, computers, power strip, lights, etc.).
  • Place the prints under refrigerator cord and/or inside refrigerator: the energy will be infused into your food.
  • Tape the prints to your fuse box: the energy will be carried by everything in your home that is powered by electricity.
  • Fold the print and carry in your pocket.
  • Charge food, water and supplements.

A single print is very strong. But the more prints you stack together, the stronger the energy will be.

Silent Energy Audio (in three formats)


The Silent Energy Audio comes in three formats (wav, aiff, mp3) and can be played on any mp3 player or mp3-compatible device or media application. Just push Play, and the energy of Amplified Tachyon will immediately begin broadcasting through your device. Play it silently on repeat throughout the day whenever you want an energetic boost.

  • Play on repeat in the background as you go about your day.
  • Although there is no sound, playing this silent audio produces a VERY strong broadcast of energy.
  • VERSATILE: The Silent Energy Audio can be combined with your favorite audio and video to create a powerful energetic experience with your favorite music and movies. Simply play the Silent Energy Audio on your chosen device. Then, on the same device, open and play your favorite music or movies using the media player or streaming service of your choice. Now, your favorite music and movies carry the energy of Amplified Tachyon.

Web App (nothing to download)


The Amplified Tachyon web app makes enjoying amplified tachyon energy incredibly simple and easy by using any device able to access the Internet. 

  • Simply click the web app link posted on the Amplified Tachyon download page.
  • As soon as the Broadcast Room web page opens, it immediately begins broadcasting a highly amplified energy signature through your device.
  • Nothing to download.
  • Simply click and enjoy.
  • Just keep the page open in a tab in your browser.
  • No need to actually LOOK at the page in order to benefit from its broadcast.
  • Minimize the page and work in other windows.
  • As long as the page remains open in any tab, the energy broadcast will continue, even when you’re working in other windows.
  • Fully amplifiable: make the broadcast as powerful as you wish.
  • Combine the Broadcast Room with your favorite music and movies. With the Broadcast Room open, simply stream or play your favorite music and movies on the same device; and all the energy of Amplified Tachyon will be carried by your favorite music and movies.


Can you imagine what it would be like, to quickly and easily regain your focus, your happiness, and your control the next time you feel yourself slipping into a rut?

What would your life look like if you were able to stay calm, clear, and motivated despite any little challenges that came your way?

How much more would you get done?

What would the difference look like in the relationships that matter most to you if you showed up in this particularly empowered state?

If you’re anything like those who have been using the Tachyon Energy Package, this new “tool” will make a massive impact on your life.

To get started, simply click the button below.


After you click the button you’ll be taken to a quick order form and once you check out you’ll get immediate access to the digital files of the Amplified Tachyon Package.

Within minutes you’ll be able to experience the clear, easy flow that comes with this powerful Tachyon Energy.


The “Find-Out-For-Yourself” Guarantee

I want you to be able to make a fully informed decision.

And the only way you can do that is to try the Amplified Tachyon package out for yourself.

Don’t Decide Now… Take All The Time You Need & Try Amplified Tachyon For A Full 90 Days.

If for any reason you’re unsatisfied with Amplified Tachyon any time within 90 days of purchase, simply email us at, and we’ll refund your money immediately.



Now Is the time to decide,

Will you carry on as normal, allowing yourself to spend more and more of your life in the average-person’s low vibrational rut?

Will you resort to cheap stimulants like caffeine in hope of finding a way through the brain fog and lethargy?

Or will you choose to secure lifetime access to the Amplified Digital Tachyon Energy Package and immerse yourself in the revitalizing and enhancing energy signature now?

The choice is yours!

DISCLAIMER: These results may not occur for everyone. These products are powered by subtle energy, and some individuals may be less sensitive to subtle energy (and to this product as well) than others. In fact,  roughly 20% of individuals who try this kind of technology initially experience little to no effect, unless they amplify the energy of the products substantially. Even then, a smaller percentage of people will still fail to notice a huge effect. Again, this appears to be due to the fact that sensitivity to subtle energy varies among individuals. Many people respond very strongly to this technology, and some do not. That said, this technology and its results are fully amplifiable using easy-to-follow instructions provided on the product download page and on our official Instructions page ( And this amplification capacity means that, if you don’t experience your desired results in the beginning, you can easily amplify the energy of this product until you finally achieve the results you desire. And if the amplification still doesn’t produce the results you’re looking for, we offer a pain-free 90-day money-back guarantee should you find that this product does not produce your desired results.

Furthermore, given that we recognize some of the limitations of this technology as it relates to the aforementioned subtle energy insensitivity threshold, we are especially dedicated to improving this technology and making it more effective for more and more people, no matter their sensitivity or insensitivity to subtle energy. We believe it is possible to eventually overcome this hurdle, which is why we continue to upgrade this technology and all of our products every year or two. And to show our immense gratitude for being able to develop this technology for our customers, we offer every upgrade free to existing owners of those products. That means that if you purchase this product, every time we improve it and increase effectiveness, we will send you that upgraded product for free, no matter how many upgrades it may receive over the years.

All that being said, we sincerely appreciate your business and support, and we gladly honor our 90-day money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

Subtle Energy Sciences products are not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health condition, nor make or imply any health claims.