The Bioenergy Healing Method of Mietek Wirkus

When people encounter information about subtle energy, sometimes they are reminded of memories of otherworldly experiences they had as children. Many come into life capable of sensing this energy, and gradually lose touch with the ability over time if their environment is not supportive of this ability. However, one of these energy-sensitive children never lost touch with this natural ability, and grew up to be one of the world’s most renowned energy healers.

Mietek Wirkus was born in Poland during World War II. His healing gift was discovered when he was nearly 5 years old. There was a shortage of doctors in his town, and his sister suffered from sever asthma attacks. Mitek held her hands during one of her incidents, and after only a few seconds, the attack subsided, and she was able to breathe clearly once again. This event was witnessed by his family, and word got around about his extraordinary ability. Through his innate powers, he was able to help others in his local area to heal from various ailments as well via bioenergy healing.

Eventually, he adopted the term “bioenergy healing” to describe his unique method. Professor Zdenek Rejdak of Charles University in Prague defines bioenergy healing as a “method … based on transmission of energy from one organism to another in order to improve the individual’s condition.” Thanks to the work of Meitek, and others like him, bioenergy healing is an officially approved therapy option in the medical field in Poland where he has been given an honorary doctorate for his healing services.

According to Wirkus’ understanding, there are two primary components to life on earth. One is the matter-based biochemistry, and the other is energy. He sees energy as an informational force that surrounds every living cell while expanding far beyond it. Through understanding and influencing these subtle fields to flow in the optimum way by replenishing natural currents and removing blockages, he believes that one can restore health to the body.

Wirkus acknowledges the existence of both the acupuncture meridian systems, and the chakra energy system in his work. He notes that it is of particular importance that the heart, third eye, and crown chakras be in balance for an individual to experience good health. He has developed a technique to balance the energy field of the body whereby a combination of breathing techniques and moving one’s hands around a patient allows the practitioner to build and channel life-force energy.

This bioenergy healing method has been studied in the lab, where Mietek Wirkus and his patients were placed in a copper-lined room that did not allow for any electromagnetic interference. Both were set up with wires that monitored their brainwave patterns and electromagnetic output. Simultaneously, at times when Wirkus claimed to have consciously created and sent a charge to the healee, there were jumps up to 80 volts or more on the meter. Significant brainwave changes were also recorded in both subjects, suggesting that some sort of energetic influence was occurring between the two of them.

“Intra-and inter-personal synchrony between bipolar electrode pairs was determined for each condition. Beta, alpha, theta, and gamma synchrony in the bioenergy practitioner was higher and less variable than that in the client in all conditions, and was highest and most stable during healing-at-a-distance. Interpersonal synchrony was highest during healing, especially in alpha frequencies between left occipital areas of bioenergy practitioner and client.”

In 1985, Mietet Zirkus immigrated with his wife to the United States where he has continued to participate in studies, and teach his healing methods in alternative healing facilities across the country. This practice is being adopted into the medical field where doctors and nurses are being actively trained in the technique. It is under further investigation for its implications in healing on the psychological level. Bioenergy healing is another subtle energy-based tool that has emerged in modern times for the benefit and healing of humanity.

Life Force, The Scientific Basis by Claude Swanson, Ph.D.

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