The 2019 Subtle Energy Sciences Holiday Gift Guide

Do you know what gift you’re going to give to the
beloved people on your holiday list this year?

Our Holiday Guide shares recommendations for the different ways your friends and loved ones can benefit from our programs. The gift of Subtle Energy encourages the best possibilities for those who use it – so be sure to pick up a couple for yourself!

Listed below are our top picks for each category, although you may find many of these products suit multiple purposes. Trust your intuition to guide you to the best programs for who they are intended for, and feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Once you find a program you’re interested in, simply click the name of it and it will take you to the product page, where you can access the full information and get the download!

Students + Intellectuals

Boost brainpower with these SES programs! Designed to enhance mental clarity, balance, focus, endurance, and much more:

Digital Nootropics
Benefits: A never-ending supply of the digital signature of “smart drugs.” Use this program regularly to sharpen focus, lift your mood, and cut through brain fog.

Raise IQ
Benefits: Get your problem-solving mind optimized for enhancing analytical capacity, improved verbal access, ability to perform under pressure, and feeling great while doing it.

Awaken the Mind
Benefits: Cultivate a mind as clear as a cloudless sky. Great for improving memory, accelerated learning, and accessing the creative flow.

Benefits: Utilizing one of the top Ayurvedic medicinal herbs, this energetic signature is best for when you are studying for finals or working under high pressure, for relieving stress and anxiety relief.

Benefits: Chemically balance the brain to boost it’s functioning on every level. Customize your settings to achieve your ideal mental state.

Fitness + Performance Enhancement

These programs are perfect for anyone with the desire to keep an active lifestyle. Utilize them to energize and replenish your body for peak performance:

Audio Rejuvenation
Benefits: Increases endurance, magnetism, and slows the aging process while building your primal jing essence.

Strong Coffee
Benefits: Get the benefits of coffee at the press of a button – without the body load!

Digital Detox
Benefits: Peak performance is easier to achieve when the body is free from a build-up of toxins and heavy metals. Try this one to assist you the next time you need a detox!

Quantum Healthcare – Vagus Nerve Balance
Benefits: This nerve is the super-highway of communication in your body. Tonify it with this program to improve overall health and performance.

Royal Jelly
Benefits: Speed recovery time and help your heart with this amazing superfood energetic supplement.

Mindfulness + Spirituality

For the contemplative person, we offer programs to enhance the experience of spiritual energy, healing work, & meditation:

Increase Qi
Benefits: If you practice QiGong, Tai Chi, energy healing, or massage, you and your classmates and clients will love Increase Qi. It allows for the smooth and abundant flow of revitalizing life-force energy.

Aura Clearing
Benefits: Clears negative energy, brings clarity, harmony, & positivity.

Metatron’s Cube
Benefits: Enhance your meditation experience with the energy signature of one of the holiest geometric shapes.

Pineal Awakening
Benefits: This program is one of our best-loved for its ability to safely, and effectively open your third eye. Useful for meditation, self-inquiry, and altered states of consciousness.

The Mystic
Benefits: Heighten your spiritual awareness and elevate your spiritual practice to mystic levels of consciousness.

Silent Solfeggio
Benefits: Get the revered solfeggio frequencies in an amplified, silent format for incredible physical and spiritual benefits.

Healing Gifts

Good health may be the greatest gift of all! These programs encourage excellent health with regular use:

Digital C60
Benefits: This is one of our most popular programs for a reason! Digital C60 provides the amplified benefits of one of the worlds greatest antioxidants, which is known to have anti-cancer properties, relieve allergies, boost longevity and relieve pain.

Benefits: Enjoy the amplified energy signature of one of the world’s most powerful panaceas. Reduces inflammation, anxiety, nausea, while promoting heart health and more!

Marine Phytoplankton
Benefits: Named the most important plant in the world by NASA, this superfood signature enhances your health on every level.

Benefits: Great for assisting in the healing of auto-immune conditions, liver conditions, cancer, and an overall reduction of oxidative stress.

BONUS! Flu Fighters & Immune Boosters

Stress and lifestyle factors can really lower our immunity this time of year. Give yourself and your loved ones their best shot at glowing health through all seasons with these invigorating programs:

CurcuminoidsCayenne PepperGarlicGinger, & Bee Pollen 
Benefits: These gifts from nature are revered for their ability to help humans recover from short term and long term illnesses. Click the linked name one to discover each one’s strength.

Headache Relief
Benefits: Safely and effectively provides headache relief without the need for taking a chemical pill.

Parents + Professionals

Get an energetic edge on life with these programs, designed to replenish and energize at the deepest levels:

Adrenal Boost
Benefits: Balances sleep cycle, weight loss, energy & mood.

Benefits: Increases endurance & focus for long working hours, adding a dose of motivation and inspiration to level up all of your projects.

Pineal Sleep Support
Benefits: Having trouble sleeping? Try this program will help induce a night of restful sleep while assisting with dream clarity.

Ginko Biloba
Benefits: Get the energy signature of one of the most treasured longevity plants of Chinese medicine to help your body heal, repair, and endure throughout your busy schedule.

Romantic Gifts

Gift your partner something truly special – the power of love! These programs can be done alone or with your significant other, so you can grow and glow together:

HeartWave 2.0
Benefits: Cultivate the intelligence of the heart on a physical and energetic level. This multifaceted program brings healing and expansion to the heart center that provides many layers of benefit to the user.

Monatomic Gold
Benefits: Who doesn’t love to receive gold as a gift? The Subtle Energy signature of Monatomic Gold does more than just look beautiful, it brings mental and emotional balance, while promoting spiritual evolution.

Benefits: Relaxation, stress relief, and the uplifting effects of cannabis, without the side-effects.

Human Assemblage Point
Benefits: Align your energy body on every level so that you can bring your absolute best to the relationship. Enhances confidence, vitality, physical performance, and personal alignment.

Home + Office

These programs especially bring benefits to making the environment around you energetically coherent.

Play these in a room from your device to affect approximately a 20 ft. radius of space. Printouts can be used for an additional targeted effect. Great for people who live in cities, or desire more peace and grounding in the home. 

* Please gain consent from the people in your immediate surroundings before using Subtle Energy Products in a common space.

Golden Proportion
Benefits: Create an energetically-balanced healing sanctuary. Enhance sleep, meditation, relaxation, and more.

Pure White Light
Benefits: If you live in an area of geopathis stress, or high radiation from EMFs & ELFs, this is the program for you. Promotes pristine subtle energy in a space, and enhances spiritual work done with intention.

Virtual Oxygen Therapy
Benefits: This offers many of the health-enhancing benefits of oxygen therapy. Use it whenever you need a breath of fresh air!

Earth Pulse
Benefits: Connect to the energetic heartbeat of the earth for a sense of grounding, boost in cognitive functioning and psychic abilities, and improved DNA formation.

Benefits: This afforable program fortifies your personal energy field to increase wellness and vitality.

Elite Shungite
Benefits: Highly protective, enhances personal power, speeds recovery, clears and balances the chakras, while protecting from EMFs.

Gift Certificates 

Can’t decide which one to get? We do offer gift certificates just in case you would like to let the lucky gift recipient choose for themselves.

How Can We Help?

The team at Subtle Energy Sciences is here to serve! Feel free to contact us if you have questions that cannot be answered by our FAQ

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